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Bending Stainless Steel Tubing and Bent Tube Manufacturer In India

Tube Bent

Tube Bent

Tubes are hollow structures used in transporting or holding fluids and gases. A Tube Bent is a metal forming process used for producing tubes in specific designs. The items in this range can be cold-rolled to give them enhanced tolerances and surface finish as per the requirements of our clients. Bent Tube can be employed in bending metal in a range of shapes and sizes. These tubes are very versatile and play an integral role in many instruments. The process is highly precise and accurate. We are the Bent Tube Manufacturers In India who subject our products through vigorous screening and testing to eradicate any flaws and defects within them. Our goal is to supply the best products at the most reasonable prices for all.

In-house manufacturing capabilities for Bent Steel Tubing and U Bent Tube in Mumbai

Steel can be bent using different techniques and procedures. While Bending Stainless Steel Tubing special rollers have to be used to prevent damage to these components. These stainless steel components possess superior strength and excellent corrosion resistance. Our experienced workers ensure that the utmost care is taken while bending different components. A Bent Steel Tubing helps in eliminating any risks of leakage. The tubing allows the component to be easily cleaned and maintained. They help in eliminating welds and any risks associated with them. A U Bent Tube is surface treated to give it an excellent anti-oxidant surface. They are properly trimmed and deburred at the ends. These tubes are available in different sizes and dimensions to meet different specifications.

Our company belongs to a unique category of Tube Bent Manufacturers In India who make use of the best raw materials and the latest technology while producing the best products. These products are manufactured in accordance with all international and national standards. Get in touch to know more about our line of products.

Tube Bent Specification

Available Radius 2.5D, 3D Bends, 5D, 10D Bends, 22D
Bends Radii 75 / 100 / 150 / 250 / 300 / 500 / 800 / 1,000 / 1,200 / 1,500 mm
Outer Diameter Seamless Pipe: 12mm-813mm
Thickness Seamless Pipe: 0.5mm - 60mm
Available Length By Manufacturer 5.8,12m or as customers' request
Bending angle 15 Deg, 22 Deg, 22.5 Deg, 30Deg, 45 Deg, 60Deg, 90 Deg, 135 Deg, 180 Degree Elbow or custom.

Bent Tube Materials

Carbon Steel ASTM A179 / ASME SA179
Copper & Cu Alloys ASTM B111 / ASME SB111
Carbon Steel ASTM A210 / ASME SA210 /
Stainless Steel ASTM A213 / ASME SA213 /
Duplex Stainless Steel ASTM A789 / ASME SA789
Titanium & Ti Alloys ASTM B338 / ASME SB338
Carbon Steel ASTM A334/ ASME SA 334

Bent Steel Tubing Size Range

  • OD 9.5mm – 38.1mm
  • Wall Thickness: up to 6.35mm
  • Bending radii 1.25 x OD up to 1700mm
  • Leg length up to 15000mm
  • Bends can be supplied in accordance with TEMA R / ASTM SA/A556
  • Heat treatment where required by electric furnance or direct resistance
  • Hydro Testing up to 10,000 psi

Tube bends components

Dimensions of U Bent Tube 6,0 - 323,9mm
Materials Carbon steel: P355NH, P235GH, 13CrMo44, 16Mo3, P275NH, S355
  Stainless steel: 1.4301 (TP304), 1.4307 (TP 304L), 1.4404 (TP 316L), 1.4571 (TP 316 Ti), 1.4541 (TP 321),1.4462 (S31803), 1.4539 (904L), 1.4876 (Alloy 800)
  Copper (Cu)
Types Bends and multiple bends according to iso metries / drawings
Manufacturing process CNC segment bending machines and conventional bending machines
  CNC 3-rolls bending machines and conventional bending machines
  Special machines for manufacturing standardised bends
  Our customers’ individual requirements can be realised by way of our in-house tool manufacturing department
Tube Surface treatment Grinding
  Powder coating
Mechanical processing Laser machining
  Mitre cuts
  Welding Preparation
Heat treatment Normalizing to stress relieve annealing in the bending area
Tests X-ray
  Surface crack detection
  Out-of-roundness and wall thickness measuring
  Technological/metallurgical control
Acceptances Lloyds Register
  TÜV Nord / Süd
  Germanischer Lloyd
  Acceptance authority as per customer’s specification

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Bending Square Tubing Capibilities

  • Rotary draw bending with mandrels
  • Three-roll bending
  • Four-roll bending
  • Compression bending

Equivalent Length of Stainless Steel Bends

Pipe Fitting Bends Rigid PVC/HDPE
e = 0.005 mm
Commercial Steel
e = 0.05 mm
e = 0.02 mm
Spiral Weld Steel
e = 0.1 mm
Threaded Bend
90° elbow, r/ d=1 37 30 34 26
45° elbow, r/ d=1 20 16 18 14
Welded Pipe Bends
90° elbow, sharp bend 69 55 63 49
90° elbow, r/ d=1 23 19 21 16
90° elbow, r/ d=1.5 17 13 15 12
90° elbow, r/ d=2 14 11 13 10
45° elbow, sharp bend 22 18 20 16
45° elbow, r/ d=1 17 14 16 12
45° elbow, r/ d=1.5 12 9.4 11 8.3

Price List of Tube Bent

Products Price
Small Diameter Stainless Steel 90 Degree Bent Tube for Medical Use $2.5 Per Piece
U Bend Tubes Stainless Steel SA213 TP304 $2000 Per Ton
En10216-2 Bending Stainless Steel Tubing for Pressure Vessels equipment $5,000 Per Ton
Bending 430 2 Inch Stainless Steel Tubing $2,650 Per Ton
Stainless Steel Blunt Bend Tube $0.2 Per Piece
Alumina Elbow Combined Metal Parts Bent Tube 90 Degree $51.86 Per Piece

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Diameter and Wall Thickness of U Bent Tube

Diameter 0.125 to 2.000 Inch
Wall Thickness 0.010 to 0.125 Inch

Properties to Consider for Tube Bending

  • Yield strength
  • Wall thickness
  • Bend radius
  • Bend radius vs wall thickness
  • Material elongation value

Bent Aluminum Tube Tolerance

Tolerance ± .015″

Surface Finish of Bent Valve Inner Tube

Surface Finish 180G, 320G, 400G Satin / Hairline
400G, 500G, 600G, 800G or Mirror finish
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Various Types of Tube Bent

Tube Bent
Tube Bent
Bending Square Tubing
Bending Square Tubing
Bending Aluminum Tubing
Bending Aluminum Tubing
Bending Stainless Steel Tubing
Bending Stainless Steel Tubing
Bent Tube
Bent Tube
Stainless Steel Bends
Stainless Steel Bends
Bent Steel Tubing
Bent Steel Tubing
U Bent Tube
U Bent Tube
U Bent Led Tube
U Bent Led Tube
Bent Square Tube
Bent Square Tube
Bent Valve Inner Tube
Bent Valve Inner Tube
Bent Aluminum Tube
Bent Aluminum Tube

These countries always looking for the best U bent tube manufacturers in India

Bent Tube P235gh Pipe Germany, Malaysia, Czechia, Thailand
Sa 179 Seamless Welded Stainless Steel D Bent Tube Finland, Hungary, Bangladesh, Malaysia, USA
ASTM/ASME A/SA213 T5 Seamless Ferritic and Austenitic Stainless Steel U-bent Tubes Bahrain, New Zealand, South Africa, UAE, Singapore
SA 213 TP304 UNS S31803 U-bent Tubes for Heat Exchanger Dammam -KSA, Philippines, Indonesia, Belgium
Duplex Stainless Steel U-bent Tubes Vietnam, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Canada
SA213 heat exchanger U bent tubes SS304, 316L Malaysia, South Korea, NY 12203 (USA), Singapore
ASME SA213 TP316 U-Shaped Tubes Greece, Europe, UAE, Malaysia, United Kingdom -UK
SA213 TP347/347H U-bent Tubes Spain, UK, Mexico, Vietnam, Egypt
Stainless Steel U-bent Tubes for Heat Exchanger China, Malaysia, Vietnam, Colombia, Peru, Denmark, Sweden
SA 213 TP. 321 Heat Exchanger U Tube Malaysia, Japan, Romania, Portugal, Europe
Alloy Steel ASTM/ASME SA213 T22 U-bent Tubes for Heat Exchanger Singapore, France, Thailand, Europe, Qatar
Customized U Bent Stainless Steel Shaping Tube Nigeria, Philippines, Jakarta -Indonesia, Australia, UK
Stainless Steel ASTM/ASME SA213 TP316 U-bent Tubes for Heat Exchanger UAE, Oman, Malaysia, Argentina, Hong Kong
Seamless / Welded Stainless Steel U- Bent Tubes Used For Heat Exchanger Iran, Singapore, Indonesia, Austria, Chile, Italy
SA789 UNS S31803 U-bent Tubes Poland, Ellington -United States, Canada, UK
Stainless steel exhaust u bends and mandrel bent Saudi Arabia (KSA), Kuwait, South Africa, Brazil
Food grade stainless steel U bent tubes Morocco, Netherlands, Malaysia, Russia, Dubai
304 Stainless Steel U-bent Tubes & Bending U Pipe Malaysia, Norway, UAE, Jordan, Turkey
Seamless & welded bended tube A179 A210 A213 A335 U bend tube for heat exchanger and boiler Los Alamos -Mexico, Philippines, Malaysia, Taiwan

Bending Aluminum Tubing value added services

  • Heat treatment (on bent area): Inert atmosphere inside tube (if required)
  • Trimming and deburring of the ends
  • Anti-oxidation surface treatment with protective oils
  • Export Packing in custom racks
  • Internal cleaning and Pipe end protection with cap insertion

Mill Test and Inspections for U Bent Tube

  • Chemical Composition
  • Mechanical Properties
  • Hydrostatic Test
  • Pneumatic Test
  • Eddy Current Test
  • Dye Penetrant Test
  • Magnetoscopic Test
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Uses and application of Bent Aluminum Tube

  • Heat exchangers (evaporators, condensers, sea water desalinators)
  • Petrochemical and chemical industries
  • Refrigeration and food processing industries
  • Aerospace & Aircraft
  • Air Compressor
  • Air Conditioner
  • Automotive
  • Beverage
  • Electronics

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