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Pipe Sleeve

Pipe Sleeve

A piping system is made of several components having their own unique function across different systems. A Pipe Sleeve is a component, which encloses a pipe on the interior. This enables the movement of higher loads and provides free movement across a certain direction in specified systems. A Steel Pipe Sleeve is used for insulation and protection. These components provide the easiest method to extend the lengths of a pipe. They can be made from various materials such as carbon, stainless steel, and various other material. A Tube Sleeve is commonly seen in various plumbing applications in industrial and residential buildings. They can also be employed in protecting buried components under rail crossings and bridges. The Underground Pipe Sleeve protects the pipe from loads and movement of vehicles and humans. They are not damaged by rodents or growing plants and provide excellent protection to the piping units. We are amongst a few Pipe Sleeve manufacturers in india who can custom design all our products as per your needs in different shapes and sizes. Our top-quality products can be availed at the most reasonable prices at any of our outlets.

The Pipe Protection Sleeve creates a barrier between the main pipe and the surrounding elements. These sleeves don’t affect or restrict the thermal growth in the system. This allows the thermal cycle to remain unaffected. Metal Pipe Sleeves are either available as single or double pipe sleeves. Both these sleeves are highly reliable and exhibit an excellent service life in stress-induced environments. The Pipe Repair Sleeve can be used in pipelines to temporarily repair damaged pipelines. They help in preventing costly shutdowns for maintenance.

The Pipe Insert Sleeve has a simple and fast assembly. These components can be welded and fabricated on the main pipeline with ease. Our products are quality certified and tested with periodic inspections from the start to the end of the manufacturing cycle. If you have any questions about our 15mm Pipe Sleeve or any of our products, contact us or visit any of our stores for more information.

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Pipe Sleeve (casings) work as a shield preventing the flow of the cathodic protection current to the carrier pipes inside them; their use save time and money. These Steel Pipe Sleeve includes Half Pipe Sleeve, Pre Stressed Metallic Sleeve, Pipeline Reinforcing Sleeves, Full Encirclement Steel Sleeve, Field Joint Coating, Girth Weld Sleeve, Leak Defect Repair Sleeve, Flange Sleeve, Split Pipe Sleeve, Internal Pipe Sleeve, Pipeline Saddle,Shaft Sleeves, Steel Wall Sleeves, Ceramic Pipe Sleeve, Through Coat Pipe Sleeve, Type A Sleeve, and Type B Sleeve etc.

Pipe Sleeve Material are available in many grades such as Alloy Steel Pipe Sleeve, Carbon Steel Pipe Sleeve, API 5L Pipe Sleeve, Stainless Steel Pipe Sleeve, Stainless Steel Repair Clamp, Copper Pipe Repair Sleeve, Galvanized Steel Pipe Sleeves, Cast Iron Pipe Repair Sleeve, Ductile Iron Pipe Sleeve, and many more. Pipe Sleeve Seal are used to repair non-leaking damaged areas on pipelines.

Different types of Metal Pipe Sleeves are used connect pipe in shipbuilding and industry safely and permanently such as Sheet Metal Pipe Sleeves, Square Sleeves, Tube Sleeve, Underground Pipe Sleeve, 22mm Pipe Sleeve, 15mm Pipe Sleeve & Temporary Downpipe Sleeve. Pipe Sleeve manufacturers in India can produce 2 Inch Pipe Sleeve, 4 Inch Pipe Sleeve & custom pipe sleeve sizes as per the customer's need.

We manufacture Pipe Sleeve in custom sizes & material to repair leak in pipe. If the leak is in a pipe, remove the leaking section and replace it with a new section using same material Pipe Sleeve. We export large quantities of Carbon Steel Repair Sleeve to the Canada, Melbourne, Perth, Houston, Philippines, Russia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Sydney, UK, Cape Town, Ireland, Australia, South Africa, NZ, Dubai, UAE, Brisbane, Singapore, Gauteng, Adelaide, Qatar, Saudi Arabia etc.

What is Pipe Sleeve?

Pipe sleeve is a well known pipe fitting used for Pipeline Repairs & various industrial applications. The sleeve is made from two halves of a cylinder of pipe or two appropriately curved pieces of plate that are placed around the carrier pipe at the damaged area and after positioning, are joined by welding the side seams. It is available in various sizes, materials depending on the applications in which they are applied. There are mainly 2 types of Sleeve: Type A Pipe Sleeve, and Type B Pipe Sleeve. Steel Pipe Repair Sleeves are used by industrial purpose all over the world such as Abu Dhabi, Singapore, Malaysia, NZ, UAE, Qatar, UK, Nigeria.

They import Repair Sleeve & Pipe Sleeve For Existing Pipe regularly for safety of Pipelines. These Damaged Metal Pipe Sleeves, Pipe Protection Sleeve, Flexible Pipe Sleeve, Carbon Steel Sleeve for Pipe can be used in steam and petro-chemical pipelines easily and safely. Are you looking to buy Pipe Repair Sleeve, Sleeve Joint Pipes & Sleeve Pipe Fitting for your Pipelines? Contact RELI ENGINEERING , a largest Sleeve Pipe Fitting manufacturers in India.

Types of Pipe Sleeve

Types of pipe sleeves:
  • Single pipe sleeve: Single Sleeve pipe fittings are ideal for all pipes carrying water, gas, oil chemicals etc.
  • Double pipe sleeve: Double Sleeve pipe fittings are suitable for all surface radiator circuits in central heating installations.
Repair Sleeve
Repair Sleeve
Pipe Protection Sleeve
Pipe Protection Sleeve
Pipe Insert Sleeve
Pipe Insert Sleeve
Sleeve Pipe Fitting
Sleeve Pipe Fitting
Temporary Downpipe Sleeve
Temporary Downpipe Sleeve
Metal Pipe Sleeves
Metal Pipe Sleeves
15mm Pipe Sleeve
15mm Pipe Sleeve
Underground Pipe Sleeve
Underground Pipe Sleeve
22mm Pipe Sleeve
22mm Pipe Sleeve
Sheet Metal Pipe Sleeves
Sheet Metal Pipe Sleeves
2 Inch Pipe Sleeve
2 Inch Pipe Sleeve
Flexible Pipe Sleeve
Flexible Pipe Sleeve
Pipe Repair Sleeve
Pipe Repair Sleeve
Pipe Sleeve Seal
Pipe Sleeve Seal
4 Inch Pipe Sleeve
4 Inch Pipe Sleeve

Pipe Protection Sleeve Specification

Are you looking for Pipe Sleeve manufacturers in India? Manufacturer of Pipe Sleeve in Mumbai, we provide the highest quality Repair Sleeve & Pipe Protection Sleeve in the industry.

Schedule Sch 10, Sch 20, Sch30, Sch40, Sch STD, Sch 60, Sch XS, Sch80, Sch100, Sch120, Sch140, Sch160, Sch XXS, UPTO 100MM
  • ASME B36.10M, ASME B31.4 and B31.8 Standards
  • NACE TM 0186 - Holiday Detection of Internal Tubular Coatings of 10-30 Mils Dry Film Thickness
  • NACE TM 0384 - Holiday Detection of Internal Tubular Coatings of Less Than 10 Mils Dry Film Thickness
  • NACE: National Association of Corrosion Engineers.
  • ASTM: American Society for Testing Materials
  • ASTM – Iron & Steel Products
  • ASME Section IX
  • API: American Petroleum Institute
  • API 5L - Specification for Line Pipe
  • API 1104/ANSI 1331.3 - The procedure and quality of radiography examination limits of acceptability, repair and removal of defects etc
  • NACE No. 1 / SSPC-SP5 - White Metal Blasting
  • SSPC: Steel Structures Painting Council.
  • NACE MR0175 / ISO 15156 - Materials for use in H2S containing Environment in oil and gas production.
  • NACE SP 0188 - Discontinuity (Holiday) Testing of Protective Coatings
  • SSPC-V1S1 - Visual standard for Abrasive blast cleaned steel
Width 100mm to 450mm
Test Colour Coated Pipe Sleeve with 100% Holiday Test
Coating Types
  • Pipe Sleeves with Plasite 7159 Coating
  • DFT Coated Pipe Sleeves
How to order Pipe Sleeves?
  • Pipeline size
  • Existing pipeline wall thickness
  • Material grade required
  • Required length of sleeve
  • Backing strips required (Yes/ No)
Testing Provided By Manufacturer NACE TM0177, H2 SERVICE, NACE TM0284, NACE MR0175, SSC TEST, HIC TEST, IBR, etc.
  • Pipe Sleeves available for any pipe size
  • Custom designed per customer specifications
  • Pipe Sleeve available in a variety of carbon, stainless or alloy steel materials, depending on pipeline material and customer requirements
  • Pipe Sleeve manufactured in compliance with ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 18001 certified quality program
  • Government recognised export house

ASTM steel composition of A 569/ A1011 SS GR33:

Carbon (max) Manganese (max) Phosphorus (max) Sulfur (max) Copper (when specified)
0.15 0.60 0.036 0.035 0.20 min.

Pipe Sleeve Sizes

Standard Sizes: 12” to 72”
We can manufacture Pipe Sleeve in any size as per client's requirement.

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Pipe Insert Sleeve Material

Available Pipe Sleeve material

What is Pipe Sleeve?

Types of Pipe Sleeve Pipe Protection Sleeve Specification Pipe Sleeve Sizes Pipe Insert Sleeve Material Metal Pipe Sleeves application Pipe Sleeve price list Coating Sleeves
API 5L GR.B API 5L GR.B X42, X46, X52, X60, X65, X70, X80, X100, X120
API 5L PSL 1 API 5L PSL1 X42, X46, X52, X60, X65, X70 (minimum yield 245000 / 52000 / 60000 / 65000 / 70000)
API 5L PSL 2 API 5L PSL2 X42, X46, X52, X60, X65, X70, X80, X100, X120 (minimum yield 245000 / 52000 / 60000 / 65000 / 70000)
Boiler steel 10, 20, 20G, 20MnG, 25MnG, 15CrMoG, 12Cr2MoG, and 12Cr1MoVG, and 12Cr2MoWVTiB, and 10Cr9Mo1VNb, and SA210A1, and SA210C, SA213 T11, SA213 T12, SA213 T22, SA213 T23, SA213 T91, SA213 T92, ST45.8/III, 15Mo3 , 13CrMo44, 10CrMo910 etc.
ASTM F682 Carbon Steel ASTM A106 Gr A
ASTM A106 Gr B
ASTM A106 Gr C
Carbon Steel Alloy High-Temp ASTM A335 Gr P1
ASTM A335 Gr P11
ASTM A335 Gr P12
ASTM A335 Gr P22
ASTM A335 Gr P5
ASTM A335 Gr P9
Carbon Steel Alloy Low-Temp ASTM A333 Gr 6
ASTM A333 Gr 3
Austenitic Stainless Steel ASTM A312 Gr TP304
ASTM A312 Gr TP316
ASTM A312 Gr TP321
ASTM A312 Gr TP347

Metal Pipe Sleeves application

  • Injection and re-injection
  • Crude oil gathering
  • Highly corrosive gas piping
  • Potable & Waste Water
  • Jet Fuel transfer
  • Fire Water & Salt Water piping
  • Offshore water injection line
  • Water injection line
  • Water supply pipeline
  • Tubular material collection
  • Gas application
  • Transport formation water
  • Re-injection lines
  • Very aggressive water disposal system
  • Potable water
  • Desalinated supply water for growth
  • Refinery & Petrochemical Project
  • Pipeline Replacement Project
  • Sea line Replacement Project
  • Offshore Pipeline Replacement Project

Pipe Sleeve price list

Products Price
Double Pipe Coupling Leak Repair Clamp Sleeves for cast iron pipe US$ 2.00- 32.00 / Piece
Steel sleeve for steam industry pipeline system US$ 12.50- 110.25 / Meter
High pressure steel jacket steam insulation pipe outer steel sleeve used for industry steam pipeline system US$ 13.20- 105.71 / Meter
Pipe Heat Shrink Sleeves Using For Steel Underground Pipeline US$ 7.80- 8.00 / Set
Steel Pipeline Heat Shrink Sleeve / Joint Belt for Anti-corrosion US$ 0.01- 0.30 / Meter
HDPE pipe coupling straight pipe coupling, Insert for water gas oil pipeline / steel Sleeves pipe clamp US$ 10.00- 50.00 / Piece
FRDP Steel Pipe Weld Sleeve US$ 10.00- 50.00 / Set
Flexible steel sleeves with water pipe fitting US$ 2.00- 200.00 / Piece
Split Sleeve 2 Bolt Metal Hinged Type Pipe Repair Clamps Fittings For Steel Pipes Leak Fix With Female US$ 10.00- 50.00 / Piece
Pipe leakage repair Sleeves pipeline US$ 2.90- 200.00 / Piece

Coating Sleeves

Coating Information
3M Scotchkote 134 FBE Water and Wastewater Application
3M Scotchkote 345 Liquid Phenolic Primer
3M Scotchkote XC 6171 Fusion Bonded Epoxy Coating
7409 PhenGuard 930 Resistance to a wide range of organic acids, alchol, edible oils, fats & solvents
7435 PhenGuard 935 Good resistance to hot water
7436 PhenGuard 940 Tank coating system for Chemical tankers
7497 SigmaLine 2000 To metal for pipe externals
Enviroline 405HT Process vessels and tanks operating at high temperature
Hempadur 85671 Water and chemical resistance
Interline 850 To provide corrosion protection for the internals of steel storage tanks
Intertherm 228 provide a corrosion resistant barrier
Interzone 954 Cathodic disbondment resistance
Plasite 7159 PDS 1-07 water-resistant epoxy coating polymerized with a polyamine type curing agent.
Plasite 7159 High abrasion resistant version
Sigmashield 1200 Water hull of ice going & ice breaking vessels
Corvel 10-6051 Used at elevated temperature and pressure in drill pipe, production tubing, valves and fittings

Pipe Repair Sleeve Dimensions

03310-03 5 03 21 23
03310-04 6 04 23 30.5
03310-05 8 05 24 30
03310-06 10 06 26 32
03310-08 13 08 29 34
03310-10 16 10 33 37
03310-12 19 12 37 42
03310-16 25 16 46 51
03310-20 32 20 59 59

Square Sleeves Surface treatment

  • Bared
  • Oiled
  • Black painted
  • Pre galvanized
  • Hot dipped galvanized

Features of Pipe Protection Sleeve

How to remediate pipeline defects

  • Removal and Replacement of Pipe
  • Grinding
  • Deposited Weld Metal
  • Full-Encirclement Sleeves
  • Mechanical Bolt-on Clamps

Pipe Insert Sleeves used for the repair of

  • External defects in the pipe surface up to 80% wall loss
  • Defects in or near the girth weld using just one WeldWrap sleeve (for sake of comparison  - other solutions require the use of three sleeves).
  • Cracked areas in the pipe body – if the crack can be ground out.
  •  Dents in the pipe body, dents in the seam welds, dents in the girth weld.
  • Gouges--provided they have been thoroughly cleaned to give them a smooth profile.
  • Vertical and Horizontal Piping.
  • Corrosion at Pipe Supports.
  • Defects in the line’s inner surface as a temporary repair.

Pipeline Sleeves

An epoxy grouted sleeve involves zero downtime, can address most onshore pipeline defects, and is one of few repairs suitable for defects in Girth Weld Sleeves that join pipes end-to-end around their circumference.

Socket welded joints and slip-on sleeve welded joints

  • Socket welded joints and slip-on sleeve welded joints may be used for class I and II pipes with an outer diameter of 88.9 mm and less.
  • Socket welded joints and slip-on sleeve welded joints may be used for class III.
  • Joint designs and socket dimensions in accordance with a recognised international standard will normally be adequate.
  • The use of socket welded joints and slip-on sleeve welded joints in stainless steel pipes should be carefully considered on a case by case basis.
  • Socket welded joints and slip-on sleeve welded joints shall not be used in overboard pipes where substantial thickness is required.
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Schedule 40 Galvanized Steel Pipe Sleeves Dimensions

Size Thickness Size Thickness Size Thickness Size Thickness
15*15 0.6-2.0 16*16 0.6-2.0 18*18 0.6-2.0 20*20 0.6-2.0
25*25 0.6-3.0 3030 0.8-3.0 34*34 1.0-3.5 38*38 1.0-3.5
40*40 1.0-3.5 48*48 1.2-3.5 50*50 1.2-4.0 60*60 1.2-4.0
70*70 1.2-4.0 75*75 1.2-4.0 80*80 1.2-5.0 90*90 1.2-5.0
100*100 1.2-6..0 110*110 1.2-6..0 120*120 2.0-6.0 125*125 2.0-6.0
130*130 2.0-6.0 140*140 3.0-6.0 150*150 3.75-8.0 160*160 3.75-8.0
175*175 4.0-8.0 180*180 4.0-8.0 200*200 4.0-12.0 250*250 4.0-12.0
280*280 4.0-12.0 300*300 4.0-12.0 350*350 4.0-12.0 400*400 4.0-12.0

Manufacturing process of Steel Pipe Repair Sleeves

Half Sole is formed by rolling, or die forming without the use of heat treating.

Longitudinal edges of the Half Sole are beveled for welding, if requested, at 30° . The bevel are a mechanical type and/or produced by plasma torch burning.

Half Sole ends sleeves have sheared square edges for fillet welding, unless square end bevel is requested, and are available in maximum lengths of:

  • Pipe O.D. Size | Sleeve Length
  • 2" thru 3 1/2" = 5' 0"
  • 4" thru 12" = 10' 0"
  • 14" thru 16" = 8' 0"
  • All sizes over 16" = 10' 0"

Backing Strips

Backing strips are hot rolled commercial carbon steel sheet and strip of commercial quality, A-569/A1011 SS GR33 in coils and cut lengths having a maximum carbon of 0.15%. 1 1/4" wide, 16 gauge (.0598) with a tolerance of: min. .0538 - max. 0658, 10' long, pre-crimped (10 degree total bend).

Pipe sleeve thickness should be at least as great compare to the actual pipe.

Sleeve Joint Pipes Dimensional Requirements

Wall Thickness Sulfur (max) Copper (when specified)
3/16", 1/4" plate 2" thru 12" (+0"-1/8")
3/16", 1/4" plate 14" thru 42" (+0"-1/4")
5/16" plate 6" thru 12" (+0"-1/8")
5/16" plate 14" thru 42" (+0"-3/16)
3/8" plate 8" thru 12" (+1/8"-0")
3/8" plate 22" thru 42" (+0"-1/4")
1/2" plate 12" thru 20" (+1/16"-1/16")
1/2" plate 22" thru 42" (+1/8"-1/8")
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Pipe Sleeve available for pipelines

Pipe Sleeves For Connecting Pipes Tapered Sleeves
Titanium Pipes Sleeves Sheer Insert Sleeves
Round End Sleeves For Tubing Black Pipe Sleeves
Pipes Sleeves Insert Steel Tube Connectors
800bvsw 1 2 In Pipes Connection Piping Sleeves
Steel Tubing Sleeves Pipe Sleeves For Manhole
Pipes Sleeves To Prevent Pipes From Freezing Steel Sleeves Inserts With Keyway
Oil Pipes Sleeves Size Chart Pipe Sleeves Supplier In Md
Sleeves For Welding Pipes Metal Insert Sleeves
Sleeves Pipes Supply 6 Dia Sleeves
Sleeves Pipes Sch 40 Galv Steel Piping Sleeves For Elec
Pipes Sleeves For Revit Sheet Metal Piping Sleeves
2 Inch Black Pipe Sleeves Size Of Steel Pipes Sleeves For Fire Protection Piping
Proper Insulation Of Pipes Sleeves Water Stop Piping Sleeve
Sleeves Hoses 1 2 Chrome Pipes Sleeve 8ft
Pipe Connection Sleeves Cold Water Piping Sleeves
Pipes Sleeve Fbe Sleeves Piping End Protection
Pipes Sleeves Usa Tubing Sleeves
Long Sleeve Online Rinsa Sleeve Mexico
Light Duty Pipeline Od Friction Fit Crome Finishing Sleeves For Large Pipes
Metal Pole Sleeves Standard For Sleeves Pipes
Steel Sleeves Bushings Sleeve Joining Pipeline
Chrome Pipes Sleeve 32mm Tuboscope Sleeves
4 Foot Wide Diameter Steel Pipes Inserts Pipeline Sleeves For 6
Ccb Sleeves Ccb Sleeves For Linepipe
Ccb Pipeline Sleeves 2 2.5 Mm Sleeves Pipes
Pipe Identification Standards Sleeves Proset Pipe Sleeves
Pipes Sleeves Insulation Pipeline Sleeves
6 Pipes Sleeve Fireproof Pipeline Sleeves
Polyurethane Pipes Sleeve Sleeve For 1.5 Piping
Pipeline Sleeves Seals Piping Sleeves Caps
Sleeves And Inserts Linepipe Sleeves
Retrofit Pipes Through Wall Sleeves Sleeve For 6 Piping
Line Sleeves Pipes 5 Inches Piping Sleeve Seal
Steam Pipeline Sleeves Insulation Sleeves For Pipes
Pipes Joint Sleeves Socotherm Sleeve For Pipeline
Poly Sleeve For Steel Pipe Natural Gas Pipe Sleeves
Penetration Sleeves Spencer Pipes Sleeve
Condensation Sleeves For Pipes Foundation Pipes Sleeves
Waterproof Pipeline Sleeves Steel Pipes Sleeves
Metal Pipeline Inner Sleeves Protective Pipe Sleeves
Sleeve Pipes Supplier In Uae Pipe Sleeves China
Tubing Sleeve 50mm Pipes Sleeves Inside Diameter
Mpde Gas Pipes Sleeve Ms Pipe Sleeve
Insulated Pipeline Sleeves Inner Sleeves For Piping
Ready Made Pipes Sleeves Pipe Sleeve Through Concrete Wall
Weep Rings For Pipes Sleeves Watertight Pipeline Sleeve
Pipe Sleeve Schedule 40 Line Pipes Sleeves
Pipes Sleeve Inserts Pipeline Sleeve Malaysia
Gas Line Sleeves Ccb Sleeve
Pipes Sleeve Penetration Chrome Pipe Sleeves
Metal Sleeves Insert Pipes Sleeves
Sleeves For Water Line Pipeline Decorative Metal Sleeves For Piping
Steel Sleeve For Pipes 3 4 Inch Diameter Metal Pipeline Sleeves
Impermeable Sleeves For A 48 Inch Steel Pipeline Downpipe Protection Sleeve
Slip Fit Stainless Pipes Sleeves Steel Pipe Sleeves
Schedule 40 Steel Pipeline Sleeves Steel Wall Sleeves
Pipe To Manhole Sleeve 3 4 Inch Diameter Pipes Sleeves
Flue Pipes Sleeve Pipe Sleeve Suppliers In The Uae
Sleeves For Push Fit Piping Large Pipes Sleeves

Dimensions Of Pipe Sleeve

As Supplied(mm)
After Full Recovery(mm) Scope of Application
Standard Package
I.D.(Max.)d Wall Thickness w
φ6.0 ≥6.0 ≤3.0 0.8±0.10 3.5-6 50
φ8.0 ≥8.0 ≤4.0 0.9±0.10 4.5-8 50
φ10.0 ≥10.0 ≤5.0 1.2±0.10 5.5-9.5 50
φ12.0 ≥12.0 ≤6.0 1.2±0.10 6.5-11.5 20
φ16.0 ≥16.0 ≤8.0 1.5±0.15 8-15 20
φ20.0 ≥20.0 ≤10.0 1.5±0.15 11-19 20
φ30.0 ≥30.0 ≤15.0 1.8±0.15 17-29 20
φ40.0 ≥40.0 ≤20.0 2.0±0.15 22-38 20
φ50.0 ≥50.0 ≤25.0 2.0±0.20 27-48 10
φ60.0 ≥60.0 ≤30.0 2.0±0.30 32-58 10
φ70.0 ≥70.0 ≤35.0 2.0±0.30 38-68 10
Steel bar diameter(MM) Outer diameter of coupler (MM) Inner diameter of coupler(MM) Length of coupler (MM)
16MM 24MM 14.5MM 40MM
18MM 27MM 16.5MM 45MM
20MM 29MM 18.5MM 50MM
22MM 32MM 20.5MM 55MM
25MM 37MM 23MM 60MM
28MM 41MM 26MM 65MM
32MM 47MM 30MM 70MM
36MM 53MM 33MM 78MM
40MM 59MM 38MM 86MM

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