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Extruded Magnesium Anode Rod and Mg Oxide Anode Manufacturer In India

Magnesium anode

Magnesium anode

Anodes are positive electrodes that lose electrons when the cell is in a chemical reaction. A Magnesium Anode acts as a sacrificial anode and helps in protecting the components against corrosion and oxidation. These anodes are highly versatile and safeguard the items in different environments. A Magnesium Engine Anode is seen in several marine engines operating in fresh and saline waters. They corrode a lot more easily compared to the component and drive corrosive media away from the main product. We are the Magnesium Anode Manufacturer In India who makes use of the latest technology and best in the market raw materials while producing all our products. These products are quality assured and can be availed at the best rates in the market.

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An Extruded Magnesium Anode Rod is used in a variety of applications for its diverse functions. These rods are very flexible and play a pivotal role in diverting corrosive fluids away from the main modules. They can be used in low ceilings and compact spaces. The components from this range are generally seen in heaters, boilers, water storage tanks, etc. The Mg Oxide Anode provides an economic and diverse option in providing high tolerances to different structures. These anodes require little to no maintenance and are highly reliable.

A Magnesium Grounding Anode Rod needs to be placed at least six feet below the ground to work efficiently. These rods are subjected to vigorous testing to eliminate any flaws and defects within them. Get in touch with us to know more about our products and their pricing.

Specification of Magnesium Anode

Material Magnesium
Dimensions casting
Thickness 15 mm
Application for marine or ship
Length Provided By Manufacturer 14 inch / 42 inch.
appication anti corrosion, cathodic protection
anode sacrificial anode
Export to Italy, United Kingdom (UK), United Arab Emirates (UAE), Turkey, Nigeria, Japan, Colombia, Myanmar (Burma), Oman, China, Malaysia, Spain, Iran, Pakistan, Vietnam, Singapore, Chile, Thailand, Egypt, South Africa, Romania, Kenya, Belgium, Indonesia, Greece, Mexico, Iraq Netherlands, Taiwan, Nepal, Australia, Hong Kong, United States (USA), Kuwait, Poland, Brazil, Philippines, Qatar, France, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Saudi Arabia (KSA), Germany, South Korea, Jordan, Canada
Package carton packing or up to your own chose

What is Magnesium Anode Rod

A magnesium anode is used as a sacrificial anode in cathodic protection. Magnesium has the highest driving voltage of all the materials used for sacrificial anodes. Magnesium corrodes easily Therefore, if it is placed within a system that uses large amounts water, it attracts the corrosion away from other components.

Properties of Magnesium Engine Anode

  • Atomic Number = 12
  • Atomic Mass = 24.31
  • 12 protons
  • 12 electrons
  • 12 neutrons

Magnesium Oxide Anode Standard potential

Standard potential - 2.34 V

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Magnesium Anode Price List

Products Price
Mg Mag Alloy Sacrificial Anodes Az31 Az63 $9 Per Piece
Az63 Extruded Magnesium Alloy Anodes for Water Heater $60 Per Piece
Mg Sacrificial Ballast Tank Anode $10 Per Piece
Magnesium Metal Water Heater Electronic Anodes $0.25 Per Piece
High Potential M6*16mm Mg Anodes Az31 $5 Per Piece
Extruded Magnesium Rod Anodes America Standard $25 Per Piece

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Technical Properties of Mg Oxide Anodes

  • Open-circuit voltage: 1.5-1.55V
  • Close-circuit voltage:1.45-1.50V
  • Actual capacitance: 1.105A.h/g
  • Current efficiency:50%min

Magnesium Alloy Anode Chemical composition

Chemical composition (by mass)
Type Alloy elements Impurities less than
Mg Al Zn Mn Fe Cu Ni Si Ce Zr Ca Be Ti Other elements
AZ63B Bal. 5.3-6.7 2.5-3.5 0.15-0.6 0.003 0.01 0.002 0.08 - - - - - 0.3
AZ31B Bal. 2.5-3.5 0.6-1.4 0.2-1.0 0.003 0.01 0.001 0.08 - - 0.04 - - 0.3
Pure Mg Bal. ≤0.01 - 0.5-1.3 0.01 0.01 0.001 0.05 -   - - - 0.3

Magnesium D type anode weight and dimensions

Type Weight Kg(lb) A/mm (inch) B/mm (inch) C/mm (inch)
9D2 4.082(9) 69.9(23/4) 549.3(215/8) 76.2(3)
14D2 6.350(14) 69.9(23/4) 850.9(331/2) 76.2(3)
20D2 9.072(20) 69.9(23/4) 1212.9(473/4) 76.2(3)
9D3 4.082(9) 88.9(31/2) 352.4(137/8) 95.3(33/4)
17D3 7.711(17) 88.9(31/2) 641.4(251/4) 95.3(33/4)
32D5 14.515(32) 139.7(51/2) 504.8(197/8) 146.1(53/4)
48D5 21.772(48) 139.7(51/2) 765.2(301/8) 146.1(53/4)
60D4 27.216(60) 114.3(41/2) 114.3(41/2) 1460.5(571/2)

Features of Magnesium Grounding Anode Rod

  • Magnesium Is Oxidation Resistant
  • Extruded Anode Rod Can Be With Or Without Steel Core
  • Corrosion Protection
  • Protect Water Heater, Water Containers Of Steel Structure

Length and Wire Gauge of Magnesium Zinc Anodes

Length 18-1/2 in
Wire Gauge 12 ga

Mg rod anodes Testing

  • Accelerated Life Test
  • Helium Leak Detection Test
  • Coating X-Ray Test
  • Coating Thickness Test
  • Electrochemical Performance Test
  • Contact Resistance Test

Magnesium Anode Rod Closed Circuit Potential

Closed Circuit Potential 1.45 to -1.55v
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Types of Magnesium Anode

Magnesium Anode
Magnesium Anode
Magnesium Anode Rod
Magnesium Anode Rod
Magnesium Anode Alloy
Magnesium Anode Alloy
Magnesium Engine Anode
Magnesium Engine Anode
Extruded Magnesium Anode Rod
Extruded Magnesium Anode Rod
Magnesium Grounding Anode Rod
Magnesium Grounding Anode Rod
Magnesium Grounding Anode
Magnesium Grounding Anode
Magnesium Oxide Anode
Magnesium Oxide Anode
Magnesium Anode Plate
Magnesium Anode Plate
Magnesium Zinc Anodes
Magnesium Zinc Anodes
Az31b Extruding Magnesium Anode Rode
Az31b Extruding Magnesium Anode Rode
Extruded Magnesium Mag Alloy Sacrificial Anode
Extruded Magnesium Mag Alloy Sacrificial Anode

Melting point of Extruded Magnesium Anode Rod

Melting point 650 °C (1,202 °F)

Magnesium Oxide Anode Boiling point

Melting point 1,090 °C (1,994 °F)

Specific gravity of Magnesium Grounding Anode Rod

Melting point 1.74 at 20° C (68 °F)

How Magnesium Anodes Work

Magnesium anodes protect steel by a sacrificial electro-chemical action. Magnesium is electro-negative in nature relative to steel. When a magnesium rod is connected by an electrical conductor to a steel tank which is then filled with water, a current will constantly flow through the water between the rod and any bare steel area on the wall. Circuit is completed through the tank back to the magnesium rod. This protective current is produced by the magnesium releasing ions, and this results in corrosion in the anodic area.

Magnesium Anode Plate Oxidation state

Oxidation state +2

We shipped to these locations recently

Magnesium Anode Rod Indonesia, Dammam -KSA, Philippines, Belgium
Mg Anodes, For Water Heaters France, Qatar, Europe, Thailand
115 Mm Water Heater Extruded Mg Anodes Germany, Czechia, Thailand, Malaysia
Magnesium cp anode USA, Malaysia, Bangladesh, Finland
18-1/2 in. Mg Anodes Rod Saudi Arabia (KSA), South Africa, Kuwait, Brazil
0.75" x 44.375" Mg Anodes Rod South Africa, Bahrain, Singapore, Singapore
Diameter 12mm Extruding Magnesium Anode Rode for Water Heater Australia, Philippines, UK, Nigeria
Extruded Mg Mag Alloy Sacrificial Anodes Malaysia, Oman, Hong Kong, UAE
Mg Sacrificial Ballast Tank Anodes Italy, Chile, Iran, Singapore
Mg Metal Water Heater Electronic Anodes Turkey, United Arab Emirates (UAE), Norway, Malaysia
High Potential M6*16mm Mg Anode Az31 Malaysia, Netherlands, Russia, Dubai
Az31b Water Heater Extruding Mg Anodes Spain, Egypt, Mexico, UK
High Potential Extruded Mg Sacrificial Anodes Europe, United Kingdom -UK, Malaysia, UAE
Extruded Mg Rod Anodes Canada, UK, Poland, Ellington -United States
Az63 Cast Mg Anodes Malaysia, Philippines, Canada, Singapore

Applications of Mg Engine Anodes

  • Boats
  • Water storage tanks
  • Ballast tanks
  • Bulkheads
  • Pilings
  • Heat exchangers
  • Pipelines
  • Underground cable
  • Chemical industry
  • Communication
  • Dock and harbour
  • Boats and ships
  • Reservoir gate
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Magnesium C type anode weight and dimensions

Type Diameter (mm) High potential mg anode L (mm) AZ63 Mg Anode L (mm) Weight (Kg)
C25 75 336 325 2.56
C36 114 202 193 3.7
C41 114 230 220 4.2
C77 114 431 412 7.8
C100 114 560 536 10.2
C145 146 494 472 14.7
C227 178 520 497 22.9
C274 114 1528 1462 28.2

Electrochemical Performance of Magnesium Grounding Anode Rod

Type Open circuit potential (-V,Cu/CuSO4) Closed-circuit potential (-V,Cu/CuSO4) Actual capacity (A.h/kg) Current efficiency %
AZ63B 1.57-1.67 1.52-1.57 ≥1210 ≥55
AZ31B 1.57-1.67 1.47-1.57 ≥1210 ≥55
Pure Mg 1.77-1.82 1.64-1.69 ≥1100 ≥50

Powered Mg sacrificial anodes Dimensions

Anode Dia(mm) Core Dia(mm) Screw Unit weight(g/cm)
φ13.97 Φ2.0 NPE-ASMT/BSP/G/R 2.83
Φ19.05 Φ3.4 NPE-ASMT/BSP/G/R 5.66
Φ21.34 Φ3,.4 NPE-ASMT/BSP/G/R 6.85
Φ26.67 Φ3.4 NPE-ASMT/BSP/G/R 10.42
Φ33.40 Φ3.4 NPE-ASMT/BSP/G/R 16.08
Φ39.65 Φ4.8 NPE-ASMT/BSP/G/R 23.07
Φ51.40 Φ4.8 NPE-ASMT/BSP/G/R 37.96

Sacrificial Mg Anodes Tech Spec

Anode Type Magnesium sacrifitial anode
Open Voltage 1.70-1.75(-V) SCE
Closed Voltage 1.58-1.62(-V) SCE
Typical Size 89mm x 95mm x 645mm
Purity 98.5% Min.
Composition Standard ASTM B843
Capacity 1100 A.h/kg
Net Weight 7.7kg
With Steel core 14x1.5mm

Extruded Mg Anode Specification and Dimension

Diameter  (inch) Core eccentric(inch) Core diameter(inch) Straightness  (inch/ 2 ft length) Weight (lbs/inch)
0.675-0.020 0.05 0.135 0.06 0.025
0.750-0.020 44212 0.135 0.04 0.031
0.800-0.020 44212 0.135 0.04 0.035
0.840-0.020 44212 0.135 0.04 0.038
0.900-0.020 44212 0.135 0.04 0.043
1.050-0.020 44212 0.135 0.04 0.057
1.315-0.020 44212 0.135 0.04 0.089
Rod Diameter (inches) Tolerance (inches) Core Diameter (inches) Straightness (inches) Unit weight (lbs/ft)
0.5 -0.02 0.135 0.060 in 2 ft 0.18
0.675 -0.02 0.135 0.060 in 2 ft 0.3
0.7 -0.02 0.135 0.040 in 2 ft 0.324
0.75 -0.02 0.135 0.040 in 2 ft 0.372
0.8 -0.02 0.135 0.040 in 2 ft 0.42
0.84 -0.02 0.135 0.040 in 2 ft 0.456
0.9 -0.02 0.135 0.040 in 2 ft 0.516
1.05 -0.02 0.135 0.040 in 2 ft 0.684
1.135 -0.02 0.135 0.040 in 2 ft 1.068
2 +/-0.024 0.188 0.250 in 10 ft 2.357

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