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Girth Pipe Sleeves and Girth Weld Repair Sleeve manufacturer in India

Girth Weld Sleeve

Girth Weld Sleeve

Welding is a process in which metals are combined together by welding them in place. A Girth Weld Sleeve follows an arc welding procedure, which is applied in joining the sleeve along the circumference. These sleeves protect the pipe from leaks, corrosion, gouges, dents, grooves, etc. The Girth Weld Repair Sleeve can be either temporary or permanent depending on the severity of the damage. These components are easy to attach and install. They can be fitted without causing lengthy delays or stopping the operation. We are amongst a few Girth Weld Repair Sleeve Manufacturers In India who subject our products through vigorous testing and screening to eliminate any flaws and defects within our items. The goal of the institution is to provide high-quality products, which are available at the best rates across the market.

The Girth Weld Sleeves can accommodate all grades and sizes of pipes. They can be installed following a normal welding process. These sleeves help in isolating the girth weld area to provide a 100% coated I.D pipeline. The full penetration weld is highly corrosion resistant across different systems. A Girth Pipe Sleeve can be coated on the interior and exterior to give it enhanced protection from the elements. These modules are quality assured and can be availed in a range of sizes and shapes as per your requirements.

Our company is one of the leading Girth Weld Sleeve Manufacturers In India. Our experienced workers make use of the latest machinery and best raw materials to produce all our products. This is done by strictly following all international and national standards. To avail, our products visit any of our stores or contact us for more information.

Buy Girth Sleeves and Girth Weld Pipe Sleeve in various size at factory price in Mumbai

We manufacture Girth Weld Sleeve in custom sizes & material to repair leak in pipe. If the leak is in a pipe, remove the leaking section and replace it with a new section using same material Girth Weld Sleeve. We export large quantities of Carbon Steel Girth Weld Repair Sleeve to the Canada, Melbourne, Perth, Houston, Philippines, Russia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Sydney, UK, Cape Town, Ireland, Australia, South Africa, NZ, Dubai, UAE, Brisbane, Singapore, Gauteng, Adelaide, Qatar, Saudi Arabia etc.

Girth Sleeves Layers of Protection

  • Force-cured epoxy is used directly to steel for maximum corrosion protection
  • Primary Girth Weld Sleeves composed of high shear strength adhesive and HDPE heat shrinkable backing provides both corrosion and mechanical protection across the joints.
  • Second sleeve provides additional mechanical protection to the leading edge of the primary sleeve during pull-through operations

Girth Weld Sleeves Gouge and Abrasion Resistance

  • Its mitigate the effect of forces associated with directional drilling
  • Known for high resistant to the effects of soil stresses and pipe movements

Field girth weld joint Performance Meets Productivity

  • Suitable to use in low preheat temperatures and straightforward application steps reduce cycle times and improve productivity
  • Easy and forgiving installation results in improved reliability and quality of every joint

What is Girth Weld Repair Sleeve?

Girth-weld Sleeve are used for pipeline protection in directionally drilled applications. Its a high performance connection system designed to protect welded joints on PP, PE and FBE coated pipelines in directional drilling applications.

Girth Weld Sleeve Specification

Are you looking for Girth Weld Sleeve manufacturers in India? Manufacturer of Girth Weld Sleeve in Mumbai, we provide the highest quality Girth Weld Repair Sleeve & Girth Pipe Sleeve in the industry at Pipeline Repairs.

Schedule Sch 10, Sch 20, Sch30, Sch40, Sch STD, Sch 60, Sch XS, Sch80, Sch100, Sch120, Sch140, Sch160, Sch XXS, UPTO 100MM
  • ASME B36.10M, ASME B31.4 and B31.8 Standards
  • NACE TM 0186 - Holiday Detection of Internal Tubular Coatings of 10-30 Mils Dry Film Thickness
  • NACE TM 0384 - Holiday Detection of Internal Tubular Coatings of Less Than 10 Mils Dry Film Thickness
  • NACE: National Association of Corrosion Engineers.
  • ASTM: American Society for Testing Materials
  • ASTM – Iron & Steel Products
  • ASME Section IX
Test Provided by Manufacturer Colour Coated Girth Weld Repair Sleeve with 100% Holiday Test
Coating Types
  • Girth Weld Repair Sleeve with Plasite 7159 Coating
  • DFT Girth Weld Repair Sleeve
We supply in Toronto, Karnataka, Lebanon, Thailand, Bahrain, Vadodara, Bhopal, La Victoria, Algeria, Poland, Croatia, Costa Rica, Mongolia, Belarus, Vietnam, Bulgaria, Lithuania, Australia, Hungary, Austria, Greece, Bogota, Sydney, Mexico, Norway, Romania, Russia, Colombia, Nigeria, Qatar, Switzerland, Peru, Jamshedpur, Saudi Arabia, Gabon, Slovakia, Egypt, United Kingdom, Denmark, Uttar Pradesh, Sila, Mumbai, London, Al Jubail, Bengaluru, Pune, Aberdeen, Jebel Ali, Bhavnagar, Surat, Bangalore, Queenstown, Seoul, United States (USA), Port of Spain, Nagpur, Petaling
How to order Girth Weld Repair Sleeve?
  • Pipeline size
  • Existing pipeline wall thickness
  • Material grade required
  • Required length of sleeve
  • Backing strips required (Yes/ No)
  • Circumferential Weld Repair Sleeve available for any pipe size
  • Custom designed per customer specifications
  • Girth Weld Repair Sleeve available in a variety of carbon, stainless or alloy steel materials, depending on pipeline material and customer requirements
  • Girth Weld Repair Sleeve manufactured in compliance with ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 18001 certified quality program
  • Government recognised export house

Size Chart of Girth Weld Sleeves

Standard Sizes: 12” to 72”
We are manufacturer of Girth Weld Sleeve in any size as per client's requirement.

Girth Pipe Sleeve Material

API 5L GR.B Girth Weld Sleeve API 5L GR.B X42, X46, X52, X60, X65, X70, X80, X100, X120
API 5L PSL 1 Girth Weld Sleeve API 5L PSL1 X42, X46, X52, X60, X65, X70 (minimum yield 245000 / 52000 / 60000 / 65000 / 70000)
API 5L PSL 2 Circumferential Weld Sleeve API 5L PSL2 X42, X46, X52, X60, X65, X70, X80, X100, X120 (minimum yield 245000 / 52000 / 60000 / 65000 / 70000)
Boiler steel Girth Weld Sleeve 10, 20, 20G, 20MnG, 25MnG, 15CrMoG, 12Cr2MoG, and 12Cr1MoVG, and 12Cr2MoWVTiB, and 10Cr9Mo1VNb, and SA210A1, and SA210C, SA213 T11, SA213 T12, SA213 T22, SA213 T23, SA213 T91, SA213 T92, ST45.8/III, 15Mo3 , 13CrMo44, 10CrMo910 etc.
ASTM F682 Carbon Steel Circumferential Weld Sleeve ASTM A106 Gr A
ASTM A106 Gr B
ASTM A106 Gr C
Carbon Steel Alloy High-Temp Girth Weld Sleeve ASTM A335 Gr P1
ASTM A335 Gr P11
ASTM A335 Gr P12
ASTM A335 Gr P22
ASTM A335 Gr P5
ASTM A335 Gr P9
Carbon Steel Alloy Low-Temp Girth Weld Sleeve ASTM A333 Gr 6
ASTM A333 Gr 3
Austenitic Stainless Steel Circumferential Weld Sleeve ASTM A312 Gr TP304
ASTM A312 Gr TP316
ASTM A312 Gr TP321
ASTM A312 Gr TP347

We can supply Girth Weld Sleeve and Field Girth Weld Joint For 3pe Pipes in custom length

Dimensions of Girth Sleeves

Circumferential Weld Sleeve Size Actual I.D. Actual O.D. Waterstop Height Waterstop Thickness
2 2.087" 2.362" 2" 0.25"
2.5 2.559" 2.875" 2" 0.25"
3 3.15" 3.50" 2" 0.25"
4 4.134" 4.488" 2" 0.25"
5 5.157" 5.512" 2" 0.25"
6 6.142" 6.614" 2" 0.25"
8 8.11" 8.622" 2" 0.25"
10 10.039" 10.748" 2" 0.25"
12 12.008" 12.795" 2" 0.25"
14 13.11" 13.819" 2" 0.25"
16 15.118" 15.827" 2" 0.25"
18 17.323" 18.898" 2" 0.25"
20 19.213" 20.00" 2" 0.25"
22 21.26" 22.047" 2" 0.25"
24 23.228" 24.016" 2" 0.25"
26 24.882" 25.984" 2" 0.25"
30 28.9" 30.00" 2" 0.25"

Girth Weld Sleeve price list

Products Price
High Performance Steel Pipe Girth Weld Heat Shrinkable Sleeve $ 0.25- 1.56 / Piece
Field Circumferential weld Sleeve joint $ 5.00 / Piece
Oil & Gas Pipeline Girth Welding joint--PE electro hot melt wrap Sleeve $ 32.65 / Pieces
3LPE sleeve for linepipes field Circumferential weld $ 3.00- 50.00 / Set
Heat Shrinkable Tape for Girth Weld $ 5.00- 20.00 / Piece
Field girth weld joint for 3PE Pipes $ 5.00 / Piece

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Girth Sleeve Application

  • Power plants
  • Pipelines
  • Potable & Waste Water
  • Jet Fuel transfer
  • Oil platforms
  • Refineries
  • Chemical and industrial plants
  • General mechanical engineering
  • Gas Pipelines
  • Girth-Weld Joints
  • Oil Pipelines
  • Waterworks Pipelines

Various Types of Girth Weld Sleeve

Girth Weld Sleeve
Girth Weld Sleeve
Girth Weld Repair Sleeve
Girth Weld Repair Sleeve
Girth Sleeve
Girth Sleeve
Girth Sleeves
Girth Sleeves
Field Girth Weld Joint For 3pe Pipes
Field Girth Weld Joint For 3pe Pipes
Girth Weld Sleeves
Girth Weld Sleeves
Girth Pipe Sleeve
Girth Pipe Sleeve
Field Joint Coating of Girth Weld
Field Joint Coating of Girth Weld
Girth Weld Coating Heat Shrinkable Sleeve
Girth Weld Coating Heat Shrinkable Sleeve
Wide stock of Field Girth Weld Joint For 3pe Pipes and Girth Pipe Repair Sleeve in Mumbai warehouse, ask for a Free Quote & Sample!

Girth Weld Sleeve Operating Characteristics


Pipeline Operating Temp. Up to 70°C (158°F)
Minimum Installation Temp. 70°C (158°F)*
Main Line Coating Compatibility PE, PP & FBE
Adhesive Properties
Softening Point ASTM E28 100°C
Lap Shear @ 23°C EN 12068 > 250 N/cm2
Lap Shear @ 60°C EN 12068 > 35 N/cm2
Backing Properties
Tensile Strength ASTM D638 22 MPa
Elongation ASTM D638 600%
Hardness ASTM D2240 55 Shore D
Volume Resistivity ASTM D257 1017 ohm-cm
Abrasion Resistance ASTM D4060 6 mg
Bursting Strength DIN 30672 > 2200N
Sleeve Properties
Adhesion Strength @ 23°C EN 12068 > 125 N/cm
Adhesion Strength @ 60°C EN 12068 > 15 N/cm
Impact Resistance EN 12068 > 30 J
Indentation Resistance EN 12068 Pass
Cathodic Disbondment @ 23°C, 28 days EN 12068 < 3 mm rad
Cathodic Disbondment @ 65°C, 48 hours EN 12068 < 3 mm rad
Microbiological Resistance ASTM G21 Pass
Soil Stress Resistance EN 489: 2009 Pass
Gouge Resistance CSA Z245.21 0.5 mm
Low Temp. Flexibility ASTM D2671-C > -32°C
Total System Thickness Supplied Typical Applied
Standard Product 2.8mm 3.0mm

Hot material list for Girth Weld Sleeve

ASTM A516 CL 60, CL 65, CL 70 ASTM A588M Girth Sleeves
ASTM A516 Circumferential 60 Circumferential Weld Sleeve ASTM A179 Girth Pipe Sleeves
API 5CT Circumferential Weld Sleeves IS 2062 Structural Steel Girth Weld Sleeve
Hot Galvanized Circumferential Weld Sleeves JIS STPG42, G3454, G3456 Circumferential Sleeves
Black Steel Circumferential Weld Sleeve German St37, St42, St45 Girth Sleeves
Carbon Steel Circumferential Weld Sleeves St52 Girth Weld Sleeve
ASTM A53 Grade B Circumferential Weld Sleeves DIN 1626 Circumferential Sleeve
ASTM A106 Grade B Girth Weld Sleeve DIN 17175 Circumferential Weld Sleeves
ASTM A333 Grade 3 Circumferential Weld Sleeves EN 10025 - S235, S275, S355, S450 Girth Sleeve
ASTM A333 Grade 6 Circumferential Weld Sleeves S235JR Girth Weld Sleeve
ASTM A36 (structural; minimum yield 36,000 psi) S355JR Girth Weld Sleeves
ASTM A516 Grade 65 Girth Weld Sleeve ASTM A192 Circumferential Weld Sleeves
ASTM A516 GR70 (pressure vessel; minimum yield 38,000 psi) ASTM A519 Circumferential Pipe Sleeves
ASTM A671 CC60, CC65, CC70 Girth Sleeve ASME SA210 Circumferential Weld Sleeve
ASTM A335 P5, P9, P11, P22, P91 Girth Sleeves DIN 1629 Girth Pipe Sleeves
ASTM A672 Circumferential Weld Sleeve DIN 2391-1 Girth Weld Sleeves
ASTM A691 1-1/4CR, 2-1/4CR, 5CR, 9CR, 91 Girth Sleeves ASTM A252 Circumferential Weld Sleeves
ASTM A572 GR50 (structural; minimum yield 50,000 psi) ASTM A210 Circumferential Weld Sleeve
ASTM A572 GR65 (structural; minimum yield 65,000 psi) ASTM A312 304L, 316L, TO 904L Circumferential Sleeves
ASTM A537 Class I (pressure vessel; minimum yield 50,000 psi) [limited stock] ASTM A358 304L, 316L, TO 904L Girth Sleeves
en10219 grade s235jr Circumferential Pipe Sleeves API 5CT GRADE L80
API 5D Circumferential Sleeves API 5B Circumferential Sleeves
DIN 2391 ST35 Circumferential Pipe Sleeve DIN 2391 ST37 Circumferential Sleeve
DIN 2391 ST45 Girth Sleeves DIN 2391 ST52 Circumferential Weld Sleeves
S355J2H EN 10210 Girth Pipe Sleeves IS 1239 YST 210 / 240 / 310 / 355 Girth Sleeves
API 5CT J55 Circumferential Sleeves IS 1161 YST 210 / 240 / 310 / 355 Girth Weld Sleeves
IS 4923 FE 410 Circumferential Weld Sleeve IS 8500 FE 570B Girth Weld Sleeves
IS 4923 FE 450 Girth Sleeves EN 10149-2 S315MC Circumferential Weld Sleeves
EN 10219 S235JRH Circumferential Pipe Sleeves EN 10149-2 S355MC Girth Weld Sleeves
EN 10219 S275JOH Circumferential Sleeves EN 10149-2 S420MC Girth Sleeves
EN 10219 S355JOH Girth Weld Sleeve EN 10149-2 S460MC Girth Weld Sleeves
EN 10224 Circumferential Weld Repair Sleeves IS 2062 GRADE E350B Girth Sleeves
EN 10253-1 Circumferential Pipe Sleeves IS 2062 GRADE E410B Girth Weld Sleeves
EN 10253-2 Circumferential Sleeve IS 2062 GRADE E450D Girth Weld Sleeve
EN 10255 Girth Pipe Sleeve EN 10025 S355JR Girth Weld Sleeves
DIN 2448 Circumferential Weld Sleeves EN 10025 S355JO+N Girth Weld Sleeve
DIN 2440 Circumferential Weld Sleeve EN 10025 S355JO Girth Weld Sleeves
EN 10025 Circumferential Weld Sleeve 56si7 en 10089 Spring Steel Girth Sleeves
EN 10083-2 Girth Weld Repair Sleeves STPG370 Girth Weld Sleeves
EN 10084 Girth Weld Repair Sleeves EN 10255 Girth Sleeves
EN 10210-1 Circumferential Pipe Sleeve EN 10294-1 Girth Weld Repair Sleeves
EN 10216-1 Girth Sleeves EN 10297-1 Girth Sleeves
EN10219 Structure Girth Weld Repair Sleeves SEW 092:1990 QstE300TM Girth Weld Sleeves
S275J2H Carbon Steel Circumferential Weld Repair Sleeves SEW 092:1990 QstE420TM Girth Weld Sleeves
EN 10210-1 Grade S355JOH Girth Sleeves SEW 092:1990 QstE460TM Girth Sleeves
EN10210 S355J2H Circumferential Pipe Sleeves EN 10025 S355J2G3 Girth Weld Sleeve
EN-10217 Girth Weld Sleeve EN 10025 S355J2+N Girth Weld Sleeves
EN 10216 Girth Weld Sleeves EN 10025 S355JR+N Girth Sleeves
EN 10216-2 Circumferential Pipe Sleeve EN 10305-1 Girth Weld Repair Sleeves
EN 10216-3 Circumferential Weld Repair Sleeve EN 10305-4 Girth Pipe Sleeve
IS 3601 WT 210 / 240 / 310 Girth Pipe Sleeves IS 8500 FE 440B Girth Weld Sleeves
IS 4923 YST 210 / 240 / 310 Girth Sleeves IS 8500 FE 490B Girth Sleeves
IS 4923 FE 330 Circumferential Sleeves IS 8500 FE 540B Girth Weld Sleeves
EN 10216-4 Circumferential Sleeve IS 2062 GRADE E300B Girth Weld Sleeves

Standard Specification of Girth Sleeves

  • API 1104/ANSI 1331.3 – The procedure and quality of radiography examination limits of acceptability, repair and removal of defects etc
  • NACE MR0175 / ISO 15156 – Materials for use in H2S containing Environment in oil and gas production.
  • NACE SP 0188 – Discontinuity (Holiday) Testing of Protective Coatings
  • NACE No. 1 / SSPC-SP5 – White Metal Blasting
  • NACE TM 0186 – Holiday Detection of Internal Tubular Coatings of 10-30 Mils Dry Film Thickness
  • NACE TM 0384 – Holiday Detection of Internal Tubular Coatings of Less Than 10 Mils Dry Film Thickness
  • NACE: National Association of Corrosion Engineers.
  • ASTM: American Society for Testing Materials Iron and Steel

Before choosing your supplier check our deliveries of last 2 years

SEW 092:1990 QstE460TM Girth Sleeves Ireland, Sri Lanka, Denmark, Hong Kong
ASTM A312 Gr TP316 Circumferential Weld Sleeve United Arab Emirates, Europe, Switzerland, Czech Republic
EN 10025 S355J2G3 Girth Weld Sleeve Slovakia, Iran, Colombia, Morocco
S355J2H EN 10210 Circumferential Pipe Sleeve Lebanon, Bahrain, Afghanistan, Poland
IS 1239 YST 210 / 240 / 310 / 355 Girth Sleeves Namibia, Costa Rica, Brazil, Romania
API 5CT J55 Girth Sleeves Peru, Philippines, Kenya, Belgium
ASTM A106 Gr A Circumferential Weld Repair Sleeve Tunisia, Portugal, Finland, France
ASTM A691 1-1/4CR, 2-1/4CR, 5CR, 9CR, 91 Girth Sleeves Taiwan, Zimbabwe, Spain, Serbia
ASTM A252 Circumferential Weld Sleeve China, Libya, United States (USA), Estonia
ASTM A335 Gr P11 Girth Weld Sleeve Nigeria, Norway, Tibet, Azerbaijan
Looking for Girth Weld Repair Sleeve Manufacturers in India for custom sizes? One of the oldest producer of Girth Pipe Sleeve, Field Girth Weld Joint For 3pe Pipes ​in Mumbai

Advantages of Girth Weld Repair Sleeve

  • Protects the I.D. coating from Damaging Weld Spatter during Installation.
  • Accomodates All Pipe Sizes and Grades in ASME, API 5L, ASTM Material Like Stainless Steel and Carbon Steel.
  • Installs with Normal Welding Process.
  • Isolates the Girth Weld Area.
  • After Installation it becomes a part of the Finished Pipeline providing Permanent Corrosion Protection same as Carrier Pipe.
  • Creates a Full Penetration Weld that is UTI Compatible / 100% X-Ray per API & ASME Specifications.

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