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Industrial Fabrication and Custom Metal Fabricators supplier in India

Fabrication Services

Fabrication Services

Fabrication is the process where one or more standardized part is combined by many processes. Metal Fabrication processes are carried by cutting, bending, and assembling metal in appropriate dimensions. The process consists of three stages namely the drawing and designing stage followed by fabrication where bending, cutting takes place and, the final stage is the installation, where the product is put together. Steel Fabrication is a very versatile process, which can combine a range of steel products. After the fabrication process, the products are held strongly in place and are not affected by corrosion. Aluminum is a very flexible material this is why the Aluminium Fabrication units are lightweight and very ductile. These components are excellent conductors of heat and electricity, making them highly reliable in some applications while not preferred in others. We are the metal fabricators in Mumbai who subject our products to vigorous checks and screening to check the welds are strong and efficient. This eliminates any flaws and defects within them. Our institution belongs to a unique category of steel fabricators in mumbai who can custom design all your products as per your requirements.

Check Steel Fabrication and Custom Sheet Metal Welding Service Price list, View Industrial Fabricators Specification

The Sheet Metal Fabrication process allows the metal to be further treated after the hot-rolling process. The cold rolling process can be employed to give these items enhanced strength and superior tolerances in different stress-induced environments. In our Cnc Fabrication Service , the programmed computers direct the motion of our machines, making them highly efficient. These services require little to no human intervention and are very reliable. We are amongst a few stainless steel fabrication companies in india that make use of the latest technology and the best raw materials to produce the best products in the market. Our goal is to supply these products at the most reasonable price to all our consumers.

Our Fabrication Services can be employed on both hard and soft metals. These services are highly precise and cost-effective. The life span of the products fabricated in our outlets is very high. We are the steel soldering and welding in mumbai who have a one-of-a-kind facility with all the best equipment and materials required to produce the best products. To know more about our services visit any of our stores or contact us.

Fabrication Services Specification

Material available Stainless steel 304/201/316, aluminum alloy, sheet metal ( SPCC, SECC)etc.
Service By Manufacturer Laser Cutting, surface treatment, Bending, Stamping, Punching, Welding, turning , machining, and other General Service
Detection Equipment Height Gauge, Hexagon CMM, Two dimensional image measuring instrument
Size Custom according to customer requirements
Tolerance 0.005mm
Production Capacity 50,000 T steel per year
Available DRW Format by Manufacturer DWG, STP, PDF, IGS, STEP, SLDPRT, SLDDRW, PRT, DRW, DXF, X_T

Stainless Steel Fabrication Processes

  • Cutting – This is the most commonly used metal fabrication process. Raw materials are cut to spec, using a number of processes, including burning, plasma cuts, saw cuts, waterjet, or laser cuts.
  • Bending – Various types of tools are used to bend the metal into its desired shape, whether that be a V-bend, a U-bend, or a custom form required by the project.
  • Assembling – Once all the pieces have been formed into their desired shape, assembly can occur. We will fuse the metals together by welding, brazing, and riveting.
  • Machining – Because of the uncertainties of the assembly process, a final round of machining may be needed to bring a part back into spec.
  • Finishing – After the part is assembled, the surface is treated with coatings, paints, and other custom surface treatments.

Metal Fabrication Equipment List

  • 4000 watt CO2 Laser Processing System
  • 3500 watt CO2 Laser Processing System
  • Turret Punch Presses
  • With Automatic Load/Unload Systems
  • 2 ft. – 36 Ton – 6 axis CNC Press Brake
  • 4 ft. – 36 Ton – 6 axis CNC Press Brakes
  • 6 ft. – 60 Ton – 8 axis CNC Press Brakes
  • 8 ft. – 85 Ton – 8 axis CNC Press Brake
  • 10 ft. – 125 Ton – 8 axis CNC Press Brakes

Structural Steel Fabrication Process

  • Metal stamping
  • Hot extrusion
  • Welding
  • Folding or bending
  • Laser cutting
  • Water jetting
  • Metal spinning
  • Finishing

Wide size range of Stainless Steel Fabrication and Cnc Welding Service in Mumbai warehouse

Tolerance of Cnc Fabrication Service

300mm ± .005'' (0.125 mm) ± 0.5°
600mm ± .010'' (0.250 mm) ± 1°
900mm ± 1/16'' (0.400 mm) ± 1°

Price List of Fabrication Services

Products Price
Stainless Steel Stamping Parts Sheet Metal Fabricated $3.5 Per Piece
Aluminum Laser Cutting Sheet Metal Fabrication Service $4.9 Per Piece
Stainless Steel Metal Welding Parts Fabricated Service $10 Per Piece
Brass Precision CNC Machining Part Fabrication Service $20 Per Piece
Zinc Black Plated Stamping Fabricated Service $10 Per Piece
Custom Fabricated CNC Machining Services $100 Per Piece

Metal Fabrication Services

Sheet metal fabrication is the way toward cutting and shaping parts from thin sheets of metals (ordinarily between 0.2 mm and 6 mm). The processes that come under fabrication, include laser cutting, water jetting, plasma cutting, bending, punching, welding, and post-processing.

Pressure Vessel Fabrication Surface Roughness

Surface Roughness Ra 3.2

Large Metal Fabrication Accuracy

Accuracy Laser Cutting:+/-0.1mm
CNC Bending:+/-0.1mm

Surface Treatment of Custom Sheet Metal Fabrication

  • Anodizing
  • Polishing
  • Zinc Plating
  • Nickel Plating
  • Chrome Plating
  • Powder Coating
  • E-coating
  • Alodine
  • blacken

Difference Between Welding and Fabrication

Welding is used in applications such as structural components, Construction, automotive while Fabrication is the broad term for the industrial processes that take raw or partially finished materials and turn them into finished parts. Welding is technique to create products such as pipe fittings, window frames etc while fabrication is manufacturing processes that shape sheet metal and other forms of metal into products.

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Most Selling Types of Fabrication Services

Metal Fabrication
Metal Fabrication
Sheet Metal Fabrication
Sheet Metal Fabrication
Aluminium Fabrication
Aluminium Fabrication
Stainless Steel Fabrication
Stainless Steel Fabrication
Custom Metal Fabrication
Custom Metal Fabrication
Custom Fabrication
Custom Fabrication
Structural Steel Fabricators
Structural Steel Fabricators
Precision Fabrication
Precision Fabrication
Custom Sheet Metal Fabrication
Custom Sheet Metal Fabrication
Custom Steel Fabrication
Custom Steel Fabrication
Precision Metal Fabrication
Precision Metal Fabrication
Industrial Fabrication
Industrial Fabrication
Pressure Vessel Fabrication
Pressure Vessel Fabrication
Metal Fabrication Services
Metal Fabrication Services
4g Steel Fabrication
4g Steel Fabrication
Stainless Steel Metal Fabrication
Stainless Steel Metal Fabrication
Large Metal Fabrication
Large Metal Fabrication
Industrial Metal Fabrication
Industrial Metal Fabrication
Steel Pipe Fabrication
Steel Pipe Fabrication
Custom Fabrication Services
Custom Fabrication Services
Cnc Fabrication Service
Cnc Fabrication Service

Ss Fabrication Advantages

  • 100% Recyclable
  • Ease of Fabrication
  • Corrosion Resistant
  • Fire and Heat Resistant
  • In-depth product analysis
  • Increased product performance
  • Shorter product development cycles
  • Wide range of capabilities
  • Decreased manufacturing costs
  • Compliance with industry standards

Applications of Custom Metal Fabrication

  • Agriculture
  • Aircraft
  • Automobile
  • Construction
  • Consumer products
  • Electronics
  • Hobby and toy
  • Marine
  • Medical

Wide Range of Metal Fabrication Capabilities

  • Carbon steel
  • Stainless steel
  • Steel
  • Aluminum
  • Titanium
  • Iron
  • Brass
  • Bronze
  • Copper
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Precision Metal Fabrication Services

  • Laser Cutting
  • Automated Brake Forming
  • Press Brake Forming
  • Punching
  • Turret Press Fabrication
  • Panasonic Welding
  • Machining Centers
  • Tooling and Finishing Services

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