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Copper Elbow Repair Clamp and Elbow Repairing Clamp Manufacturer in India

Elbow Repair Clamp

Elbow Repair Clamp

Elbows are devices, which are used to change the direction of flow in various piping systems. An Elbow Repair Clamp is a component, which is utilized to repair elbows permanently or temporarily. These clamps are aimed at preventing any leakages from the line by correcting the curvature within the components. Elbow Pipe Repair Clamp offers a quick and simple fix reducing the downtime for the applications. These clamps are very strong and can last as long as other plumbing equipment. They can clamp on to different types of pipe. We are amongst a few Elbow Repair Clamp Manufacturers In India who keep stock of products of different sizes. We can also custom design our products as per your requirements. We are not only have the expertise in providing the best products but are also able to offer the best deals for all our components.

Exporter and supplier of Pipe Elbow Repair Clamp and Elbow Repairing Clamps Size 500mm

Copper plumbing devices are susceptible to leakage due to various factors. The Copper Elbow Repairing Clamps are metal sleeves, which possess a flexible rubber and can be easily clamped over the components. Most clamps are lightweight and can be handled with ease. A Pipe Elbow Repair Clamp can be loosened and removed once the alignment is perfect or when the replacement part is fixed. They come in a wide range of sizes and shapes to suit different applications.

The Pipe Repair Clamp For Elbow offers an ideal choice for industrial pipe repairs. These clamps are very strong and can withstand heavy pressures and temperatures within these systems. We belong to a unique category of Pipe Elbow Repair Clamp Manufacturers In India who make use of the best technology and raw materials whilst producing the best products. Want to know more about our products or their pricing contact or visit any of our outlets.

Elbow Repair Clamp Specification List

Standard: DIN, ANSI
Connection: Welding
Surface Treatment: Galvanized Sheet
Head Type: Round
Material: Stainless Steel / Copper/ Aluminium / Brass / Carbon Steel
Export To Malaysia, Egypt, Iraq, Nigeria, Netherlands, Brazil, Poland, Turkey, South Africa, Pakistan, Indonesia, Belgium, Italy, China, Thailand, Iran, United States (USA), Singapore, Chile, Hong Kong, Kenya, Germany, United Arab Emirates (UAE), Bangladesh, Jordan, Saudi Arabia (KSA), Philippines, Spain, France, Canada, Mexico, Sri Lanka, Australia, Oman, Japan, Colombia, Taiwan, United Kingdom (UK), Greece, Kuwait, Myanmar (Burma), South Korea, Qatar, Vietnam, Romania, Nepal
Thread Standard BSPT EN 1254-2 / NPT
Testing Material Testing, Hardness Testing, Pressure Testing, Gauge Testing
Transport Package: Cases or Pallets

Dimension of Elbow Pipe Repair Clamp

O.D Length
W/Pressure Weights Bolt Torque
KS/JIS ASTM (Kgf/㎠) (Kg) N.m(Kgf.cm)
15A 1/2¨ 21.7 21.3 26.3 0.8 18 0.092 3~5(30~50)
20A 3/4¨ 27.2 26.7 26.3 0.8 18 0.098 3~5(30~50)
25A 1¨ 34.0 33.4 26.3 0.8 18 0.100 3~5(30~50)
32A 1-1/4¨ 42.7 42.2 26.3 0.8 18 0.11 3~5(30~50)
40A 1-1/4¨ 48.6 48.3 26.3 0.8 18 0.12 3~5(30~50)
50A 2¨ 60.5 60.3 41.8 0.8 16 0.30 12~15(120~150)
65A 2-1/2¨ 76.3 73.0 41.8 0.8 16 0.32 12~15(120~150)
80A 3¨ 89.1 88.9 52.4 1.0 14 0.60 20~25(200~250)
100A 4¨ 114.3 114.3 52.4 1.0 14 0.67 20~25(200~250)
125A 5¨ 139.8 141.3 52.4 1.0 12 0.85 30~32(300~320)
150A 6¨ 165.2 168.3 52.4 1.0 12 0.88 30~32(300~320)
200A 8¨ 216.3 219.1 57.5 1.2 10 1.65 32~35(320~350)
250A 10¨ 267.4 273.1 57.5 1.2 10 1.84 32~35(320~350)
300A 12¨ 318.5 323.9 58.5 1.5 10 2.67 45~50(450~500)
350A 14¨ 355.6 355.6 58.5 1.5 10 2.81 45~50(450~500)
400A 16¨ 406.4 406.4 58.5 1.5 10 3.02 55~60(550~600)
450A 18¨ 457.2 457.2 58.5 1.5 7 3.25 55~60(550~600)
500A 20¨ 508.0 508.0 58.5 1.5 7 3.53 65~70(650~700)

Pipe Elbow Repair Clamp Pressure rating

Pressure rating Maximum 10 bar

Temperature Rating of Pipe Elbows Repair Clamps

Temperature Rating 90° Celsius

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Tensile Strength of Pipe Repair Clamp For Elbows

Tensile Strength >=350Mpa

Elbow Repair Clamp Price List

Products Price
Pn10 16 Ductile Iron Pipe Elbows Clamps $25 Per Piece
High Pressure Elbows Sleeve Clamp for Oil and Gas $1,50 Per Piece
Stainless Steel Elbows Heavy Duty Clamp $5 Per Piece
Elbows Clamps for Oil and Gas Lines $20 Per Piece
Stainless Steel Elbows Clamps $30 Per Piece
Electro Galvanized Elbows Pipe Clamp With EPDM $39 Per Piece
316 Stainless Steel Elbow Clamp $5 Per Piece
Sanitary stainless steel quick fit clamp elbow 90 degree $2.50 Per Piece
Equal copper 90 degree elbow Clamps $0.56 Per Piece

Hardness of SS Elbow Repair Clamps

Hardness HB 150

Surface Treatment Copper Elbow Repair Clamps

  • Hot Dipped Galvanized
  • Rust-proof oil
  • Black
  • Powder Coated

Available Size of Malleable Iron Elbow Clamps

Pipe Outer Diamater Range : 27.2 mm to 508 mm
Length - Couplings : 57 mm to 155 mm

Malleable Iron Elbow Repair Clamps Dimensions

Pipe Clamp Size Nominal Bore Outside Diameter
T21 1/2'' 21.3mm
A27 3/4'' 26.9mm
B34 1'' 33.7mm
C42 1-1/4'' 42.4mm
D48 1-1/2'' 48.3mm
E60 2'' 60.3mm

Elbow Repair Clamps Elongation

Elongation >=10%
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Different Types of Elbow Repair Clamp

Copper Elbow Repair Clamp
Copper Elbow Repair Clamp
Elbow Pipe Repair Clamp
Elbow Pipe Repair Clamp
Elbow Repair Clamp
Elbow Repair Clamp
Elbow Repair Clamp Size 500mm
Elbow Repair Clamp Size 500mm
Malleable Cast Iron Elbow Repair Clamps
Malleable Cast Iron Elbow Repair Clamps
Pipe Elbow Repair Clamp
Pipe Elbow Repair Clamp
Pipe Repair Clamp For Elbow
Pipe Repair Clamp For Elbow
black hough elbows repair Clamps
black hough elbows repair Clamps
Stainless Steel Elbow Repair Clamp
Stainless Steel Elbow Repair Clamp
Large Diameter Carbon Steel Elbow Leak Repair Clamps
Large Diameter Carbon Steel Elbow Leak Repair Clamps
90 Degree Angle Elbow Pipe Mounting Clamp
90 Degree Angle Elbow Pipe Mounting Clamp
1 Copper Elbows Repair Clamps
1" Copper Elbows Repair Clamps

Copper Elbow Repair Clamp Tech Spec

  • Max pressure: 1.0 MPa (10 bar)
  • Max temperature: +95C
  • Size: 1/2" 3/4" 1" BSP

Technical Parameters of Pipe Repair Clamp For Elbow

Normal Size

Pipe O.D.

Product Length(mm)

Bolt Specs & Qty

















































Elbows Repair Clamps Applications

  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Marine applications
  • Architectural applications
  • Petrochemicals
  • Condensers
  • Power Generation
  • Heat Exchangers
  • Specialty Chemicals

Are you searching any of the below products in the following countries?

Ductile iron degree elbow Repairs clamp Malaysia, Philippines, Canada, Singapore
Elbow Clamp for Bent Joint Kuwait, Brazil, South Africa, Saudi Arabia (KSA)
Repairs Clamp for Straight Bend Elbows Europe, France, Thailand, Qatar
45 degree elbow pipe leak clamps Australia, Philippines, Nigeria, UK
1 1/2" Copper Pipe Repairs Clamp Bahrain, Singapore, South Africa
2" Pipe Repair Clamp for Steel Chile, Singapore, Italy, Iran
Elbow Pipeline Repairs Clamps Romania, Japan, Europe, Malaysia
304 stainless steel elbow pipe clamp Russia, Dubai, Netherlands, Malaysia
Elbow Shield 45/90/180 Clamps Hong Kong, Oman, Malaysia, UAE
Fabrication Special Pipe Elbow Clamps Norway, Malaysia, Turkey, United Arab Emirates (UAE)
Elbow Repairs Clamps Joint Belgium, Philippines, Dammam -KSA, Indonesia.
Malleable Cast Iron Side Outlet Elbow key clamp UK, Mexico, Egypt, Spain
90 Degree Elbow 34mm Clamps USA, Bangladesh, Finland, Malaysia
304 Elbow Repair Clamps Sweden, China, Colombia, Malaysia
3/4 Inch Pipe Repairs Clamp Malaysia, Germany, Czechia, Thailand

Elbows Repair Clamp Double Lock Advantages

  • Accommodation of diameter difference of 4mm
  • Time saving. No special tools required for assembly
  • Long lasting, on accout of use of special seals
  • Dampens Vibration
  • Space saving
  • For pipes carrying different mediums
  • Strong corrosion resistance
  • No need for welding
Searching for Pipe Elbow Repair Clamps manufacturers in India? Exporter of Copper Elbow Repairing Clamp at highly competitive prices

Technical Specification of Elbows Repair Clamps

Repairs Clamp Double Lock Long
Pipe Outer Diamater Range : 34.0 mm to 508 mm
Length - Couplings : 100 mm to 255 mm

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