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Lid Loc Dome Clamps and Adjustable Dome Clamp manufacturer in India

Dome Repair Clamp

Dome Repair Clamp

A dome is a circular structure that is used as a roofing or protective structure. A Dome Repair Clamp is a device that helps to fix or prevent the detrition of existing structures. These clamps can be employed as a short-term fix or as long term sealing device. They can be used to connect structures of different materials. We are amongst a few Dome Repair Clamp Manufacturers In India who put all our products through vigorous testing and screening operations to get rid of any flaws or defects to the products. We not only focus on quality but also aim to provide products that are available to all at feasible rates in the market.

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A Lid Loc Dome Clamps are employed as sealants. They lock the openings of various broken or leaking cargos and ship carriers. These components are designed with simplicity and can be used easily. A Dome Light Clamp is a lightweight component that is extensively used to seal a dome of various sizes. These components don’t put any additional weight or pressure on the system and allow it to function well. They can be readily availed in a wide range of sizes and shapes to suit different applications.

An Adjustable Dome Clamp comprises of a special offset pressure plate having an optimized off-center placement. These clamps provide an ideal relation with the primary point. This enables the leakage to be curtailed efficiently. They are produced following all international and national standards set by different unions. To know more about our products or their pricing get in touch with us or visit any of our stores for more information.

Specification List of Dome Repair Clamp

Fit for Tube 33.7mm, 42.4mm and 48.3mm
Height 78mm
Surface Treatment Satin Finish or Mirror Finish
Flame Class 94V-2
Material AvailableSteel, stainless steel, carbon steel, aluminum, brass, etc.
Color Grey and black and natural
ProcessingStamping, punching, spinning, bending, milling, ect

Lid Loc Dome Clamps Size Range

WEIGHT 10 lbs
DIMENSIONS 36 × 6 × 12 in
QUANTITY Set of 3, Set of 4, Set of 5

Dimensions of SS Adjustable Dome Repairing Clamp

6-12 8 SS201/304/316
10-16 8 SS201/304/316
13-19 8 SS201/304/316
16-25 8 SS201/304/316
19-29 8 SS201/304/316
14-27 12/12.7 SS201/304/316
18-32 12/12.7 SS201/304/316
21-38 12/12.7 SS201/304/316
21-44 12/12.7 SS201/304/316
57-55 12/12.7 SS201/304/316
33-57 12/12.7 SS201/304/316
40-63 12/12.7 SS201/304/316
46-70 12/12.7 SS201/304/316
52-76 12/12.7 SS201/304/316
59-82 12/12.7 SS201/304/316
65-89 12/12.7 SS201/304/316
72-95 12/12.7 SS201/304/316
78-101 12/12.7 SS201/304/316
84-108 12/12.7 SS201/304/316
91-114 12/12.7 SS201/304/316
105-127 12/12.7 SS201/304/316
118-140 12/12.7 SS201/304/316
130-152 12/12.7 SS201/304/316
141-165 12/12.7 SS201/304/316
155-178 12/12.7 SS201/304/316
175-197 12/12.7 SS201/304/316
194-216 12/12.7 SS201/304/316
213-235 12/12.7 SS201/304/316
232-254 12/12.7 SS201/304/316
251-273 12/12.7 SS201/304/316
270-292 12/12.7 SS201/304/316
289-311 12/12.7 SS201/304/316

Adjustable Handrail Clamps Dimensions

Part NO. Finish D Φ H
F010.33.00 Satin 33.7x2.0 Flat 78
F010.33.33 Satin 33.7x2.0 33.7 78
F010.33.42 Satin 33.7x2.0 42.4 78
F010.42.00 Satin 42.4x2.0 Flat 78
F010.42.42 Satin 42.4x2.0 42.4 78
F010.42.48 Satin 42.4x2.0 48.3 78

Check Dome Repair Clamp and Lid Loc Dome Clamps stock material sizes, length, and dimensions

Dome Repair Clamp Price List

Products Price
Stainless Steel Tank Adjustable Repair Clamp $15 Per Piece
Adjustable Handrail Clamp $3.6 Per Piece
PP Dome Lid Repair Clamps $5.90 Per Piece
2 inch Dome Light Clamp $4 Per Piece
4" Adjustable 180° Offset Repair Clamp $7.5 Per Piece

Dome Repairing Clamps Min Breaking Load

Min Breaking Load 5 KN

Adjustable Dome Clamps Working Temperature

Working Temperature -40 degrees C ~+75 degrees C

Atmospheric Pressure of Dome Repairing Clamps

Atmospheric Pressure 70~106Kpa

Dome Clamps Axial Tension

Axial Tension >1000N/1min

Stretching Resistance of Dome Repair Clamps

Stretching Resistance 2000N/10 Sq. Cm (1min)

Most Selling Types of Dome Repair Clamp

Dome Repair Clamp
Dome Repair Clamp
Lid Loc Dome Clamps
Lid Loc Dome Clamps
Dome Light Clamp
Dome Light Clamp
Adjustable Dome Clamp
Adjustable Dome Clamp
Dome Clamp Ring
Dome Clamp Ring
Glass Dome Clamps
Glass Dome Clamps
Modular Dome Shaped Curtain Clamps
Modular Dome Shaped Curtain Clamps
Dome Repairing Clamps
Dome Repairing Clamps
Cast iron Dome Repair Clamp
Cast iron Dome Repair Clamp
21cm Black Dome Clamp
21cm Black Dome Clamp
Adjustable Dome Strainer Clamp
Adjustable Dome Strainer Clamp
Adjustable bonding clamp
Adjustable bonding clamp
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Adjustable Cable Clamp Size Range

A(Dia) B(W) C(L)
6~7 20 25
7~8 20 25
9~10 24.5 30
12~14 24.5 30
16~18 24.5 30

Dome Clamps Surface treatment

  • 3LPE
  • Fusion Bond Epoxy
  • Bending
  • Annealed
  • Galvanizing
  • ARO
  • Vibration polishing
  • Acid-pickling passivation
  • Zinc plating
  • Chroming

Features of Dome Repair Clamp

  • Simple to use
  • Built-in square
  • Fascia clamping rod
  • Fascia retaining arm
  • Disposable glue-catcher
  • High-quality aluminium
  • Quick release mechanism
  • Dome Clamp Ring for the Glass Dome
  • Offset pressure plate designed to optimize placement
  • Two-Piece Clamp
  • Rust-Resistant Galvanized Finish

Various Testing of Lid Loc Dome Clamps

  • Material Testing
  • Hardness Testing
  • Pressure Testing
  • Gauge Testing
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Adjustable Clamps Applications

  • Sea Water Equipment
  • Pharmaceutical Equipment
  • Chemical Equipment
  • Petrochemicals
  • Gas Processing
  • Specialty Chemicals
  • Water Pipeline

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