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Aluminum Zinc Anode and Al Anode Manufacturer In India

Aluminium Anode

Aluminium Anode

Anodes are positive electrodes that lose electrons while in a chemical reaction inside a cell. An Aluminium anode is a pivotal module in a galvanic protection cathodic system. The system helps in providing protection against corrosion of metal structures that are submerged or buried in the ground. An Al Zinc Anode can be termed as sacrificial anodes as they sacrifice themselves in the corrosion process leaving, the remainder of the system free of corrosion. The soil resistivity between these components is low while the electric power is limited. Aluminium Anode rod is a high quality module exhibiting superior accuracy. These rods are lightweight and have a high driving voltage in different systems. We the Aluminium Anode Manufacturers In India who make use of the best raw materials and latest technology while producing the best products. Our products are quality assured and can be availed at the best rates in the market.

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An Aluminium As Anode helps in providing protection and reinforcement to different structures. They require low levels of maintenance and are highly reliable. Apart from this, they are cost-effective. The Aluminium Oxide Anode helps in providing rigidity and improving the durability of old and new structures. They can be employed as an alternative to normal zinc coating and plating. Aluminium Inert Anode is insoluble in the process of electrolysis. They don’t corrode in these compounds, as seen in aluminium reduction processes. They release oxygen instead of carbon.

An Aluminum Bracelet Anode is highly versatile and can be employed in a range of applications. These anodes have superior tolerances across saline and salt waters. Our workers carefully subject all our products through vigorous testing to eliminate any flaws and defects within these components. To know more, get in touch with us or visit any of our outlets.

Aluminium Anode Specification

Material High grade Aluminium
Thickness 15 mm
Length Provided By Manufacturer 14 inch / 42 inch. Aluminium Anode Supplier
Export to Qatar, Kenya, Iran, Indonesia, Colombia, France, Saudi Arabia (KSA), Italy, Oman, Netherlands, Singapore, South Africa, Greece, Kuwait, South Korea, Brazil, Bangladesh, Myanmar (Burma), Mexico, Iraq Vietnam, Japan, Australia, Romania, United Kingdom (UK), Pakistan, United States (USA), United Arab Emirates (UAE), Taiwan, Jordan, Nepal, Germany, Malaysia, Philippines, Turkey, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Hong Kong, Canada, Spain, Chile, Nigeria, Belgium, Egypt, Poland, China
Surface Plating & Coating By Manufacturer Anodised
Packaging One Piece Packaging available, Standard export package, by a wooden box, or as required

What is Aluminium Alloy Anode

An aluminum anode is a galvanic anodes which is a major component of a galvanic cathodic protection system, it is used to prevent corrosion of submerged or buried metal structures such as tanks, pipelines or other related equipment. These are also known as sacrificial aluminum anodes, which are intended to sacrifice themselves to the corrosion process.

Aluminium Anode Chemical Composition

Alloy type Deep7 Aluminum Deep10 Aluminum
Iron (Fe) 0.07 max 0.10 max
Silicon (Si) 0.10 max 0.10 max
Copper (Cu) 0.003 max 0.006 max
Zinc (Zn) 4.75 - 5.25 4.75 - 5.75
Indium (In) 0.015 - 0.025 0.010 - 0.020
Titanium (Ti) 0.025 max 0.025 max
Others (each) 0.02 max 0.02 max
Aluminum (Al) remainder remainder
Lead (Pb) N/A (0.00) N/A (0.00)
Cadmium (Cd) N/A (0.00) N/A (0.00)

Aluminium Anode rod Electrochemical properties

Alloy type Deep7 Aluminum Deep10 Aluminum
Open circuit potential (-) 1.08 V vs Ag/AgCl sw. (-) 1.08 V vs Ag/AgCl sw.
Closed circuit potential(1) (-) 1.05 V vs Ag/AgCl sw, (-) 1.05 V vs Ag/AgCl sw,
Seawater capacity @25C 1100 A-Hr/lb. (2420 A-Hr/Kg.) 1100 A-Hr/lb. (2420 A-Hr/Kg.)
Seawater capacity @ 5C 1100 A-Hr/lb. (2420 A-Hr/Kg.) Variable (2)
Seabed mud capacity (3) 950 A-Hr/lb (2090 A-hr/Kg.) 950 A-Hr/lb (2090 A-hr/Kg.)
Seabed mud capacity @ 5C 950 A-Hr/lb (2090 A-hr/Kg.) Variable (2)
Nominal current capacity N/A N/A

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Physical properties of Aluminium As Anode

Alloy type Deep7 Aluminum Deep10 Aluminum
Alloy density 0.105 lb/in3 (2.91 gm/cm3) 0.105 lb/in3 (2.91 gm/cm3)
Cost ratio Low Iron (Fe) Aluminum (Al) Ingot < 0.05 Fe Normal Grade Al Sows
Raw material & conversion 1.10 1.00

Melting point of Aluminum Zinc Anode

Melting point 660.3 °C

Aluminium Inert Anode Sizes

Sizes 8*8*4 inch / 8*8*2 inch

Roughness of Aluminium Oxide Anode

Roughness Ra0.2 - Ra3.2

Aluminium Alloy Anode Price

Products Price
Aluminum Anode Surface for Medical Equipment Accessories $18 Per Piece
Aluminum Anodes for Storage Tank $50 Per Piece
Aluminum 6063 Anode for Electronic Case Parts $0.99 Per Piece
Aluminium Sacrificial Ballast Tank Anodes Cathodic Protection $1 Per Piece
Sacrificial Aluminum Anodes for Ships $30 Per Piece
Aluminum Anodes Outfitting Equipment for Ballast Water Tank $10 Per Piece

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Aluminium Ribbon Anode Tolerance

Tolerance +/-0.005 - 0.01mm

Aluminium Anode Weight


Anodes type Al Gross weight (kg) Net weight (kg) L1 (mm) L2 (mm) W (mm) T (mm) D (mm)
A3.5HB Al 3.6 3.5 160 300 150 32 26
A5.0HB Al 5.2 5 160 300 150 50 26
A6.5HB Al 6.7 6.5 160 300 150 60 26
A7.0HB Al 7.2 7 230 450 120 50 16
A12.5HB Al 12.8 12.5 160 300 150 115 26


Anodes type Al Gross weight (kg) Net weight (kg) L (mm) W (mm) T (mm) D (mm)
A1.0H1 Al 1.2 1.0 150 58 45 300
A2.0H1 Al 2.2 2.0 200 100 40 350
A5.0H1 Al 5.5 5.0 300 150 50 450
A12.0H1 Al 12.5 12.0 530 130 66 680
A14.0H1 Al 14.6 14.0 610 135 70 760
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Surface Treatment of Aluminium Hanging Anode

  • Clear Anodized
  • Color Anodized
  • Sandblast Anodized
  • Chemical Film
  • Brushing
  • Polishing

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Sacrificial Aluminium Anodes Czechia, Malaysia, Thailand, Japan
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Aluminium Anodes for Milling Machine Parts Dammam -KSA, UK, Philippines, Poland
Aluminum Sacrificial Anodes for Cathodic Protection Philippines, Chile, Canada, Iran

Applications of Aluminium Gallium Anode

  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Petrochemical industry
  • Safety equipment
  • Construction
  • General machinery

Aluminium Anodes Hs Code

Product Hs Code
Aluminium Anodes 761699

Aluminium Inert Anodes Specific Gravity

Specific Gravity 2.78 kg/dm3

Aluminium Oxide Anode Features

  • Two design available.
  • Less expensive comper to zinc anodes.
  • Less maintenance cost.
  • You can use in brackish & hot water.
  • Easy to ship and fitting.
  • Alumnium anode rod is up to 3 times more high nominal electrical capacity than zinc anodes, it's safer.

Different Types of Aluminium Anodes

Aluminium Anode
Aluminium Anode
Aluminum Zinc Anode
Aluminum Zinc Anode
Aluminum Sacrificial Anode
Aluminum Sacrificial Anode
Aluminium Alloy Anode
Aluminium Alloy Anode
Aluminium As Anode
Aluminium As Anode
Aluminium Oxide Anode And Cathode
Aluminium Oxide Anode And Cathode
Aluminium Boat Anode
Aluminium Boat Anode
Aluminium Bracelet Anodes
Aluminium Bracelet Anodes
Aluminum Bracelet Anode
Aluminum Bracelet Anode
Dimet Aluminium Anode
Dimet Aluminium Anode
Aluminium Gallium Anode
Aluminium Gallium Anode
Aluminium Hanging Anode
Aluminium Hanging Anode
Aluminium Inert Anode
Aluminium Inert Anode
Aluminium Anode Plate
Aluminium Anode Plate
Aluminium Ribbon Anode
Aluminium Ribbon Anode

Aluminum Bracelet Anode Consumption Rate

Consumption Rate 3.30 kg/year
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Closed Circuit Potential of Aluminium Sacrificial Anodes

Closed Circuit Potential -1100 mV vs Ag/AgCl/seawater

Aluminium Sacrificial Anode Capicity

Capicity 2651 Ah/kg

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