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RELI ENGINEERING is on the top echelons of CNC manufacturing and machining services. Established in 1975 we, have vast experience in the field. We started from conventional machinery, and have slowly expanded to complex software. This software has enabled us to contact and influence different commands and directions to different machines across industrial, commercial, and domestic systems. Our founder started this company from scratch, and today we are one of the leading companies in this ever-growing field.

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Our well-trained workforce has been equipped with the best infrastructure in the business. They utilize the best machinery and latest technological advancements to produce the best components within the market. Below are the infrastructures which assist us while producing all our products.

Foundry shop

The foundry shop has a melting capacity of over 3 tonnes and 5kgs of material. They possess a high-pressure molding line that can mold different metals. Our sand plant can machine modules up to 10 tons per hour. Our workers are equipped with different types of grinders and cutters. The shop also has short blasting and shell core shooters services. Apart from this spray, painting services are also available.

The machine shop and tool rooms

Our machine shop is well equipped to machine different types of production work. The shop is equipped with a chain of the latest machines. These machines include lathe, drilling, milling, boring, houning, and other machinery.

Forging workplace

We are able to forge a wide range of items required for different industries. These practices are practiced following all international and national standards. Our close dye forging services are amongst the best in the country. These components are heated, tempered, and tested under strict guidance. The workplace has a production capacity of 2000 MT per thickness up to 50mm. The entire place has all the measurements and machinery required to perform the forging process effectively.

Metal Pressing and Fabrication

These workplaces are equipped with machinery which can precisely grind material and fabricated them together. The metal pressing systems has hydraulic and power presses in the range of 20 tons to 150 tons. The fabrication unit of this shop is equipped with MIG, projection, and electric welding machines. Apart from this, thread rolling and hydraulic sharing machinery is present within this shop.

Our institution believes in quality in terms of manufacturing as well as the overall service. The products we manufacture are subjected to periodic audits and checks. This eliminates the risk of any flaws and defects within the components. Our machines and systems are also calibrated frequently to reduce errors. We also employ third-party investigations to eliminate the risks of bias thus preventing any compromise in the quality of our items. Our products are widely appreciated for their quality, dimensions, and durability in different environments.

We are able to provide a one-stop solution to all your requirements. We pride ourselves in providing top-class quality and on-time delivery. Our work commitment along with our sharing, aptitude makes us the best company for purchasing the best machines. Our institution does not only believe in quality but, we also aim to provide all our products at the most reasonable prices for all our clients.

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